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Originally Posted by zephyrshockey8 View Post
Of course! Basically, there are six systems. One system for each of the five counties (Washington, Ramsey, Hennepin, Dakota, and Anoka) and one system for the Ancom LTR system that LifeLink III uses. Then, the systems are divided into banks.
Bank 1 are all the statewide and regional tactical channels (STAC's, PTAC's, LTAC's, ATAC's, RPOOL's)
Bank 2 are all the local level tactical channels (Firegrounds, T2T, C2C)
Bank 3 is everything relating to Washington County (Sheriff Mains, Fire Mains, Wash Co C2C's)
Bank 4 is everything relating to Ramsey County (Sheriff Mains, Fire Mains, RPOOL's)
Bank 5 is everything relating to Hennepin County
Bank 6 is everything relating to Dakota County
Bank 7 is everything relating to Anoka County
Bank 8 is the department of public safety (State Patrol, State Patrol Tac's, MN HAZMAT, Fire Marshall)
Bank 9 is all of the private EMS stuff (Allina, HCMC, HealthEast, North Ambulance)
Bank 10 is just White Bear Lake (This can be changed, this is one of my personal preferences)
Bank 11 is just Saint Paul and their tac channels
Bank 12 is just Minneapolis and their tac channels
Bank 13 is all the airport stuff. (Airport police, Airport fire, Airport security, Maintenance)
Bank 14 are wildcards. (Pick up everything even if not programmed into the scanner)
Bank 15 are all my metro fire tacs and mains (This can be changed, again my personal prefernce)
Bank 16 is every fire related channel in the metro. (every fire main, every fire tac)
Bank 17 are helicopters (LifeLink III helicopter, North aircare and state patrol helicopter)
Bank 18 is the department of natural resources channels
Bank 19 are T2T and C2C channels
Bank 20 are MRCC channels

If talkgroups fit into more than one bank, they go in both. Any talkgroup that could be found regionally like statewides, MRCC, wildcards, they go into every system, therefore allowing it to be picked up on any tower. Talkgroups that are specific to a county (sheriff mains, police mains, fire mains) are only placed in the system that corresponds to their location. For example, Saint Paul is only placed in the Ramsey County system, therefore can only be picked up on Ramsey County towers.

If you have any other questions, let me know. I would also be willing to change some of the stuff for you if you like. Let me know what you want included and I will put it in there for you. Thanks!
If you could change bank 10 to Champlin Mn police and fire only I would be very grateful.
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