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Default Official Fire Tone-Out Discussion

There is a lot of good info spread amongst several threads. With at least one more scanner coming that includes the tone-out feature, and quite a few people asking basic "how to" questions, I'd like to see this thread set as a Sticky.

In version 1.06.00 of the BCD396T firmware you need to enter the following information for paging:

RX Freq, Modulation, Attenuation, Tone A, Duration A, Gap, Tone B, Duration B, Alert Type, Alert Level

You can only select one tone-out to alert on during standby mode.

In all later versions of the firmware for the BCD396T and all other models, you only need to enter the following information for paging:

RX Freq, Attenuation, Modulation Tone A, Tone B, Alert Type, Alert Level

When you select a tone-out, all other tone-outs that have matching RX Freq, Attenuation, and Modulation settings are also selected. Any matching tone-out will trigger an alert. So, you could have up to 10 alerts in standby mode.

Also, in versions after 1.6.00, you can set the scanner to page on single tones as follows:

TONE A: Value
Alert on short tone (<3.75 seconds)

TONE B: Value
Alert on long tone (>3.75 seconds)

Where do I find Tone-Out Information?
Eventually, the database section of RRDB will have a collection. If you have tone-out information, help everyone out by sharing your info.

Meanwhile, if you don't have access to the information directly from the source, you'll need to determine the settings on your own. Several tools are available for doing this.

Scanrec is a program that will record scanner audio to WAVE files. Each transmission is saved in its own file. This software should serve to capture the tone-outs. Scanrec can be found at

counter is a program that will display the tone frequency. It can be found at:

Note that I have not personally used counter (not much tone-out in my area). Perhaps someone who has used both tools can follow up with a step-by-step on capturing the tone and determining the frequency.

Joe M (Voyager) posted some standard tone charts over on the BCD396T thread. Perhaps he can repost them, here...
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