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I finally got my test station to tone out and I knew the tone was coming because the dispatcher reads the box first. I am pretty positive I programmed the 396 correctly with the proper HZ frequencies, duration, gap, etc. - - it was all measured using Adobe Audition software.

However, I was following the earlier advice and I had hit the 'hold' button (the display said TONE-OUT DETECT" instead of "TONE-OUT MODE") so I could hear the dialog and know the tone was coming. It was my understanding that the 396 would still alert even in "TONE DETECT" mode. It did NOT. Nothing happened except for me hearing the dispatched tone I was waiting to hear for 2 days.

So one of two things are happening. Either the 396 will NOT alert while in "TONE DETECT MODE", i.e., it is a bypass to hear audio on the programmed channel and it will NOT sound the alert....or.... something else is wrong.

I need to now wait for another tone-out while in "TONE-OUT MODE"

If the 396 will not alert while in "TONE-OUT DETECT".... this will be a dissapointment. I would like, for example, to have the volume set to 3 or 4 and listen to chatter, but at a tone hit the alert would sound at full volume.

Has anyone gotten an alert while in "TONE-OUT DETECT" mode?