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Originally Posted by whooey
Posted by Joe (voyager) to put tones in place of the 3 digit codes for tone A and tone B.

But if the cap codes etc. are not a motorola quickcall system, that could be why my tone outs arent working.

My counties CAP codes are four digits, on the link above it looks like it only works for 3 digit CAP codes.
Are they four digits for the entire paging sequence? You may be dealing with an entry code which is not always the same as the tone capcodes.

Post what you have and maybe we can help you out.

Whooey, this next part isn't necessarily for you, but is intended as general reference.

BTW, someone was asking about timing. MOST paging will be standard 1 second - 0 gap - 3 second timing for an individual page (individual company, that is, not necessarily one person), and 8 seconds for a group page (that would be programming the tone into the B slot in the newer firmware version).

Joe M.