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Cool Linked Ham repeater in Tinton Falls.

The Tinton Falls Ham repeater on 442.150 was moved to Woodbridge. The new Ham repeater is on 449.875 at the same location. This is a linked system with Great coverage, I provided a list below. For more info you can fine it at KINGSQUEAK.ORG & KC2RGW.COM - The home of Kingsqueak and his alter ego KC2RGW. Enjoy... 73 from KC2NGH....

146.730 WA2JWR PL 100 in Toms River NJ parkway 82′sh
443.100 N2IXU PL 94.8 in Toms River NJ parkway 77′sh
449.875 N2IXU PL 94.8 in Tinton Falls, NJ parkway 105′sh
442.150 KC2QVK/KC2EPD PL 94.8 Woodbridge NJ parkway 129′sh
448.475 N2IXU PL 94.8 Staten Island somewhere…central?
445.575 N2EHN PL 141.3 Staten Island, north shore? the HUB most are linked into
449.825 N2YLD PL 141.3 Manhattan
448.425 W2RJR PL 141.3 south shore SI I think

Affiliate repeater that is currently linked

443.450 MHz. WO2X PL 141.3 “The Montclair repeater”
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