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Default Loop Antenna

Originally Posted by DShurick View Post
Steve, I certainly hope they are shipping to Canada. Either way, please let us know how the conversation went with Pixel. I have both the RF PRO-1A and the Wellbrook ALA1530S+ and they are both outstanding antennas with superb customer service! Please see my amateur review in Eham at the following link and I think it'll answer most of your questions. You'll have to ask Pixel about picture of the international model as I don't have it but they might. Pixel RF PRO-1A Shortwave Magnetic Loop Antenna Product Reviews

Hi Dave they do not have a toll free number I can use to talked to them from Canada, If anyone in the U.S. could give them a call on there free number and get the information on what the difference is between the new and old Pixel Loop, is it just that the new loop can be taken apart and better packaged to be shipped to Canada or are there other differences from the old loop to the new loop, any help would be appreaciated. Pixel Technologies Magnetic Loop Antenna RF PRO-1A

the phone number is at the top of there web page !
The new loop is
Pixel Technologies Ultimate AM Broadcast Band Antenna AM-2
the old loop is
Pixel Technologies Magnetic Loop Antenna RF PRO-1A
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