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Default Learning The Stock / Trade Market

Over the last week and a half I have been learning the stock / trade markets. This is an interest I have had since I was young and really never had time for. I'm no math genius by any stretch of the imagination, but I figured it can't hurt to learn new things.

As the story goes, I am having trouble retaining some information due to the sheer volume of learning there is to do when it comes to this. I will say that I was looking at Forex and signed up for a "practice" account and in a couple of days, I got this call from someone at Forex who spent some good time with me answering questions and so on. This was one of the nicest folks I have met so far when it comes to the business community,

Is there anyone else here who has an interest in learning the markets as a hobby? Anyone here who really knows this stuff and if so, how did you learn what you know? Did you have any problems with learning about the various parts of the stock/trade market?

My weaknesses so far seem to be learning the Forex Japanese Candlestick especially when combined with the triangle theories. Second for me would be remembering which column of a stock quote measures which specific activity. I have been practicing reading the stock ticker and sorta think I have it down, but not sure, lol.
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