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Default GRE, Spot-On

Originally Posted by tglendye View Post
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a problem with my PSR-500 after the latest firmware update.

I immediately started having reception problems following the update. I had done enough reading in the past that I knew (and basically believed) that the updates could not harm the scanner, but I could not explain the timing of the problem.

I contacted GRE and received a RMA # and shipping instructions. And then... the scanner started working correctly again. But only for a day or so. The problem began again but then I noticed the problem appeared to be w/n the BNC connector. I told GRE what I believed the problem was and that the scanner was on the way. The scanner is around 4 years old and certainly not under warranty.

The scanner was scheduled to arrive today (Wednesday) at GRE. Around 5 PM (EST), I received a call from Mike w/ GRE. He told me my scanner was fixed and what the problems were. He said it was a loose solder w/ the BNC connector and also found a part (I can't recall which, but hopefully it will be in the bill) that was borderline out of spec. He said the sound on the scanner did not sound right to him, so he replaced that part as well- at no charge.

I am anxious to see how the scanner performs once it returns. I appreciate the customer service of Mike and GRE as a whole.

Yes, after having dealt with various companies, GRE is a breath of fresh air. GRE has always come through for me with flying colors.

I have experienced problems with their BNC module & had to have it replaced on two occasions. But, I am pretty rough on my PSR 500.
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