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Originally Posted by rrengineer View Post
I have a 106 programmed and scanner works good in places and others really garbled and cutting off. Ive been told it may be Simulcast Distortion, ive also been told to program the cc's (4) to a separate scan list. does anyone know anything about this problem if so please get in touch or post to thread. No one around here especially RS knows anything.very flustrating to pay good money for a scanner and it wont work. has been sent to factory and they say it good to go? Any Ideas Thanks RREngineer
Monitor GCFD daily. What software are you using to program the 106? I personally use Win500. What antenna are you using? I've found that if the system is programmed not in Roam mode, but in Off or Stationary, it will track better. RS is clueless about their scanners. Has any Wildcard TGID's been programmed into the scanlist? This can be found by pressing MAN, then using the up/down arrows to go through the the TG's programmed. If you have a Wildcard (private or group), press FUNC, then LOUT. This will keep you from hearing any of the encrypted PD and SO TG's.
PM me if you have any more issues.
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