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Default Model 20-106, Pro-25 scanner, How does it work?

I picked up the scanner at a garage sale. It has 3 crystal oscillators in it:
153.370 MHz
470.8875 MHz
470.3875 MHz

The scanner can apparently support:
30-50 MHz, 118-136 MHz, 144-174 MHz, 450-470 MHz

I can get some activity on one of the channels (470.8875). I am new to this hobby, and would like to know a couple of things:

1. There is a switch near the crystals, what is the purpose of the switches? I assume this is for a fine tuning of the frequency band?
2. How do I tell what services and what towns use the above frequencies?
3. can I add a new crystal to any one the 8 available sockets? or will some of the sockets only support certain frequencies?

Does anyone have a manual or users guide for this scanner?

I checked the web and also searched this forum and didn't find anything.

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