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Originally Posted by codeplug View Post
Floyd County & Cities debate funding for annual maintenance costs for the new 800 MHz countywide communications system.

Read more: news article. - Cities county debate radio system funding

It's a shame it has come to this, fussing and arguing about who should pay the most when I don't remember anybody complaining when they were wanting a new system, that is a lame excuse for the City Manager to say we don't need ten tower because we don't cover that much area, but the city traffic will be ten times as much as the county's usage of the wear and tear on the equipment.

Calm down children you know mom and dad (citizens of floyd county) is going to pay for the up keep of your shiny new toy, that is what grown ups do, it's worth an extra dollar or two on the phone bill to keep a pacifier in the kids mouths, but I think they are spoiled beyond repair next the grown up will have to fork out another dollar or two to pacify their off the wall excuse for encryption software next.

Well I guess we can take Animal Control out of the RR database because I know they won't be able to pay to stay on the system, I was excited seeing all the talkgroups on the Cobb County Ga and the Alabama p25 systems and was thinking Floyd county and Rome, the school systems etc there will be alot to listen to, but burst my bubble, it doesn't look like we will have a whole lot of TG's to listen to after all.
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