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I have the update in my hot little hands...and spent the better part of the afternoon trying to get our new updater configured correctly so that I could issue it. Unfortunately...looks like a Monday release.Two pieces of good news, though:
  1. When it is issued, you'll see that the new updater is just dumb simple (well, for you can see, on the back end it has me a bit challenged right now). If you've updated a BC125AT, you've already seen it in action. You just tell it which scanner you have, which version you want to apply, and then hit "start." No need to cross your eyes and hit 4 buttons while tying your shoelaces to get it into update mode.
  2. If you have a HomePatrol-1, the release is available right now. So, if you really want the update today, rush out and buy a HomePatrol-1 tonight! Then, cruise over to the other thread before discussing that one, though, lest the thread pollution get any thicker than it already is.

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