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Default Update and a few questions

Hey Everyone! I finally got my Uniden BCD396XT yesterday, and easily manually programmed it and its loud and as clear as the digital signal allows the voices to be lol.

I've also heard from my public safety friends that there are still many bugs in the system, but that Williams Comm. is giving people the time frame of 2 weeks before these issues are worked out and cleared up for both the system users, and scanner listeners.

So far, I've got the main public safety talkgroups working in it, meaning the ones listed here the other day when I inquired. I discovered this morning in addition to these, the alternate fireground channel for Rome Fire Department (Which used to be Tac-4 and was talkaround). The new Tactical/Fire Ground Fire Department Talk Group ID is 201, and can of course now be heard county wide.

I have also come across Talk Group ID 101, which occasionally has traffic and even radio tests, but I cannot identify who the talk group belongs to.

Finally, I for some reason cannot get the FC Prison or Jail frequencies to work. I know that they both have their own frequencies for each facility (both are listed on the main RR Floyd Co. Conventional Freq page now under the 800 section) but I cannot pick up any traffic. I know this for a fact, as one of my buddies is on duty at the jail, and was texting me when they had radio traffic, though my scanner which was on hold on the indicated frequency (853.3500) was totally silent. I tried to program it as a conventional frequency and then as another site on my scanner under the Floyd system, but still found silence. Can anyone help me with this? I could be programming it wrong, or the newly listed frequencies for the jail and prison might be incorrect.
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