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Another quick update to everyone. I decided to take my new scanner along on my trip to Atlanta yesterday to see how it did with the P-25 systems there and in Cobb. It did excellent. Even at interstate speeds there was barely any interference at all unlike what we all experiencing here in Floyd. It was all crystal clear with the exception of the digital voice distortion that happens everywhere. It's not just us scanner listeners either finding bugs with the Floyd System either, as I've heard too many complaints to count from my public safety friends.

All I can say, and I'm no expert on it, but everyone who's talked to Williams Comm. say that they've been told to give it time (The date of Valentine's Day has been tentatively thrown around) and these problems will clear up, as they are daily working on and fine tuning the system on everything from power and signal to volume. I believe them too, and I hope that when they do get it fined tuned finally, that it will be and sound just as good as those systems in Metro Atlanta.

When you think about it, it's a complicated and advanced system, so it's got to be tuned before it's perfect. You could buy the nicest and most accurate hunting rifle ever, but it's still not going to be perfect for you until you take it to the gun range and zero it in, lol. Same thing goes for the radio system. Just because they've worked on it for a year now, still doesn't mean it would be perfect as soon as they switched it on for public safety last month. It was then that the time to try it out and fine tune it actually began, and it will be a process that I expect will continue for a few weeks from now.
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