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Default Scanner availabiity

Originally Posted by kb8xi View Post
Radio Shack has now discontinued the 197Pro scanners, leaving only apparently the Uniden HB-1 available (until the new BCD536HD becomes available in the first quarter of 2014). Uniden likewise has now taken the BCD396/996 off the available list on their Web site, also making the the HB-1 the only Trunk Tracking AP25 available.
The new BCD536HD will retail for $600, not counting taxes and accessories. With GTE/s bankruptcy, Uniden is now the sole producer of APCO25 Radios, and will price apparently accordingly. The BCD536HD is a desk top version of the HB-1. The sensitivity, as I found out, is very poor, and programming it is even worse. It may be that the microprocessor being used is inadequately shielded, and may be causing desense problems,
Interesting times are upon us.
It's not HD, it's HP - as in Home Patrol.

It's BCD536HP, not HD.

There is plenty of stock of 396XT/996XT at just about every online source. Even Amazon has them.

It's not GTE, it was GRE. They didn't go bankrupt, they lost their factory in China.

The new radios are hardly a desktop version of the HP, they are quite redesigned and really only share the database feature with the HP, the visual interface and manual programming are closer to the XT radios.

Your opinion of the sensitivity and programming of the HP is your own. Do you have any measurements?

What is your proof that the processor is not shielded well and causing desense?

Before you make sweeping assertions like this, you should get your details right and provide some factual information. Or at least start your post with "my opinion is that..."
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