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Default Radios & More For Sale.

1. Motorola UHF GP300 radio. Model number P94YPC20D2AA, 8 channel capacity 4 watts, and a bandsplit of 438-470MHz. I rate it 8 out of 10 as far as cosmetic conditon. Radio will include whip antenna, and an aftermarket battery w/belt clip. $75.00 shipping. Programming available.

2. One Motorola GTX 800 portable radio. Unknown model number, it has rubbed off the sitcker. Has a full keypad and display and a cosmetic condition of about 7 out of 10. It will come with a whip antenna. Has a blown internal fuse, will not power up. Sold for parts or repair. Make offer.

3. Midland VHF mobile radio. It is model number 70-342BXL, 80 channel capacity and a bandsplit of 148-174MHz and 40 watt power output. Has a cosmetic condition of about 9 out of 10. Powers up and seems to work ok It will come with a hand mic only. $25 plus shipping.

4. Motorola MTX9000 B3 900MHz radio. It is model number H01WCC4DB3AN, does trunking and 48 conventional channels and has a bandsplit of 896-941MHz. Has a cosmetic condition of about 7 out of 10. It will come with a whip antenna, 2 batteries w/one spring belt clip. $75 plus shipping.

5. Maxon VHF Mobile radio, model SM4150H, 16 channels, 40 watts, PC programmable, VFD display, Scan, CTCSS/DCS capable, 150-163MHZ. Radio is in good condtion and will include a power cord, mounting bracket and microphone. $105.00 shipped.

6. Code 3 Model 3892L6 Siren unit. Has Radio, Standby, Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo, Manual, Air Horn, & Volume. It also has lighting switches and a 3 position slider switch. It has a hand mic only. Unknown functionality. Make offer.

Photos are available for everything.

Please e-mail me direct for any questions.
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