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Default ScannerMaster might be an option

Originally Posted by Spleen View Post
Anyone else seeing this? I have to upgrade my membership because I turned off my Broadcastify feed. I go through the process, but then it won't let me upgrade without creating a Paypal account, which is absolutely not going to happen. What changed?
Since I too refuse to use PayPal, I was going to recommend that you simply buy your premium membership via ScannerMaster, which allows credit card purchases. But, for some reason, both the 180-day and 360-day subscriptions are shown as "out of stock". A few days ago, the 180-day subscription was available, even though the 360-day subscription was "out of stock" at that time too.Maybe the above items will be replenished soon.

Hope this helps,

(PS: Disclaimer - I have no relation with ScannerMaster other than being a customer who dislikes PayPal.)
73 QDP

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