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Originally Posted by Nozzleman71 View Post
Just found this thread and glad I did. I photograph fire scenes and have been looking for a good speaker mic. Like others have stated I have used those off scanner master and they just weren't loud enough , I even tried to rebuild a Motorola public safety mic with a 3.5 mm plug to no success and had resorted to the ear buds. I have seen a video of a similar type mic on you tube and I'm guessing I will be deciding between the two. Here is a Link to the other one. on YouTube .

Thanks again
You're welcome! Thanks for sharing the link on the other mic. I have never heard of that make or model before. I watched the video several times, the last time in a quiet environment. It did sound loud and a little overloaded / muffled / distorted in the video. I have the same model scanner featured in the video and with my VALOR mic it is not overloaded sounding at volume 7, which the reviewer tested his mic at. The biggest advantage it has is the price, at less than half that of the VALOR. It also has a power on / off button which is nice addition indeed. I wish mine had a power switch. Hard to tell the build quality of the Radio-Tone mic. It doesn't seem to have a user replaceable / swappable battery like the VALOR does. So if and when the battery finally deteriorates, it may have to be sent in to be replaced. I've had my VALOR mic for over a year now and it's still going strong. I use it all the time. If you get the Radio-Tone please let us know how it works out for you.

I've read your post about converting an old Motorola JEDI style PSM into a lapel speaker for a scanner listen only device some time back and I considered doing the same thing. However I was concerned about the loudness (or lack of) and did additional research before I found and settled on my mic. Interesting experiment you did there though.

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