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Post 15/996 Speed Up Trick: Myth Confirmed

There have been some questions asked about what is the fastest way to get it to scan through conventional systems. Should frequencies by ascending, descending, or does it not matter?

To answer this, here is what i did. I created 3 conventional systems, each had 500 channels. One system was ascending, one descending, and one was in random order.

I uploaded them and then using a stop watch I timed how long it takes to do each channel. Here is what I got (averages):

Scanning Up: 9.8 Seconds
Scanning Down: 9.7 Seconds
Random System: 17.9 Seconds

So the answer is to make sure the frequencies are sorted to get maximum scanning speed, though it doesn't matter which direction they are in. Having them sorted can nearly double the scan speed.
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