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General Scanning Discussion For general questions not specific to a model of scanner or general discussion of use of a scanner. Location specific posts should be directed to the regional forums listed below.

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Old 01-26-2013, 9:36 PM
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Premium Subscriber
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Default Durable outer housing for expensive scanners revisited

Disclaimer. I am a devoted customer to Uniden , Gre, and Motorola products. This forum is in no way trying to smear a company with proven products. I am just venting a frustration and using my 1st amendment right. God Bless America.

About 1 year ago, I created a thread about opinions on the need of a more durable housing for expensive scanners, such as full digital scanners. All of us know $500 today, is a lot of money. I sat once again wondering, how difficult could it really be to develop or take a current Uniden or GRE scanner and build it around the durable plastic housing of current Motorola or Thales communication radios. Of course, without infringing on their patents, but developing something never seen before. I know saying " just make it happen", is easier said then done. I can't imagine with how large the scanner enthusiast market is, that this has not been attempted or completed or just been someone else's similar issue. I just want to make this clear first, I own 3 GRE radios; so I love their products, but when I contacted the business on this idea they tried to sell me a canvas case. They said my idea would be too expensive, and was not worth them trying. I guess its a smart business approach to build a radio, which if exposed to moisture or dropped from standing height would break, so that enthusiasts would buy another one. Maybe, before the lousy economy I would buy another replacement. I am to the point of searching months for the best ebay deal. Over many years of being a career and volunteer firefighter, I use a scanner as a piece of equipment similar to my helmet or turnout gear. I am listening to the incident progress as I am heading to the station. Also 70% of the USA fire departments are volunteer, so men and woman are spending their own money on a scanner because a $5000 to $7000 portable is way out of the question. Most departments can not afford to outfit every member with Xts or Apx portable radio. Many of these public safety employees own scanners and throw it around responding on a call or put it on their hip while working around the station. It would be nice not to have to baby it, or wrap it in bubble wrap (sarcasm) but everyone gets the point. The purpose of my thread is to once again start a discussion about the need for a more durable case with a water and dust resistant display, large louder speaker, rugged volume knobs, and a water resistant keypad to access the scanner menu items. When I called both Uniden , Gre America, I wish I was taken seriously. I am tired of replacing, scratching, marking, breaking or fixing expensive scanners from normal use because when I am monitoring incidents because I am out in the elements.
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Old 01-27-2013, 12:10 AM
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Amateur Radio
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I know what you mean! I dropped my new scanner on the pavement from two feet up and it got all chewed up! I was so mad I almost didn't want to use it anymore. Luckily there was just one scratch on the screen.

Have you bought a case for your scanner to protect it? I think it would solve all your problems.
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Old 01-27-2013, 12:14 AM
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Shack photos
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The days of the Motorola HT220 are long over. That was when you said brick it meant a solid radio, not a dead radio!


EMS Dispatcher/EMD Certified
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Old 01-27-2013, 1:06 AM
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I have used the hard leather case for my BCD396T and XT for years. I would like to see some type of better case though, something like those used for smart phones.
Columbus Police Dispatch

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Old 01-28-2013, 7:53 AM
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Default Re: Durable outer housing for expensive scanners revisited

I wonder if the company would release some case specs, for screw holes, etc... That way someone could design a better case, maybe made with a 3D printer.
Generic radio geek, in southeast Michigan.
PSR-500, TM-742, TM-V71,TH-78, HTX-420, IC-2AT, IC-2E (clone), Pro-39, BC-235XLT, TK-290, XTS-5000
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