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Old 08-10-2005, 9:41 AM
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Default Somerset County

Fire Departments
154.310 - Somerset County - All Departments
154.325 - Somerset County Fire Communications
154.175 - Anson Fire District
154.980 - Anson FD - Dispatch *PL 136.5*
154.325 - Athens FD - Dispatch
154.235 - Athens FD - Local Ops
154.325 - Cambridge FD - Dispatch
154.415 - Cambridge FD - Local Ops
155.040 - Canaan Fire/EMS/Town Services
154.130 - Clinton fire/rescue Repeater (155.7750 input) 173.8 PL
155.040 - Cornville Fire Department
154.325 - Detroit FD - Dispatch
154.145 - Detroit FD - Local Ops
155.310 - Fairfield Fire/Police/EMS
154.025 - Fairfield fire/rescue Repeater (155.9700 input) D071N PL
154.010 - Harmony Fire District
154.430 - Hartland Fire Department
154.325 - Highland Plantation - Dispatch
154.325 - Jackman Moose River Fire Department
154.980 - Madison Fire Department - PL136.5
154.325 - New Portland FD - Dispatch
155.040 - Norridgewock Fire Department
155.100 - Palymra FD - Dispatch
155.100 - Pittsfield Fire Department
154.295 - Pittsfield Fire Department - Tac-1
154.160 - Rockwood Fire District
154.430 - Saint Albans Fire Department - *DCS 241*
154.325 Smithfield FD - Dispatch
154.445 - Skowhegan Fire District - Primary
154.325 - Solon FD - Dispatch
154.280 - Solon Fire District
460.6125 - Solon Fire District
465.6125 - Solon Fire District
154.370 - Starks Fire District
154.980 - Starks FD - Dispatch *PL 136.5*

Police Departments
155.430 - State Police - Region 7
154.695 - State Police - Unit-to-unit
154.830 - Somerset County Sheriff - Primary - (158.970 Input)
154.785 - Somerset County Sheriff
158.970 - Somerset County Sheriff
159.030 - Somerset County Sheriff
453.7125 - Somerset County Sheriff
155.310 - Fairfield Police/Fire/EMS
453.275 - Fairfield Police
154.010 - Harmony Police/Fire/EMS
155.145 - Madison Police
155.100 - Pittsfield PD
155.310 - Fairfield/Skowhegan
155.565 - Skowhegan Police - Primary
154.785 - Skowhegan Police
460.400 - Somerset jail
460.475 - Somerset jail
155.310 - Skowhegan Police
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Old 08-10-2005, 2:15 PM
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All of this info, if accurate, belongs in the database, not in forums.
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Old 08-12-2005, 2:01 PM
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Tazman - do you know what Anson uses 154.175 for? Do they have 2 stations? Does Anson FD serve the Town of New North Portland? Peter S
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Old 09-01-2005, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by PeterSz
Tazman - do you know what Anson uses 154.175 for? Do they have 2 stations? Does Anson FD serve the Town of New North Portland? Peter S

North New Portland/New Portland have their own FD and are dispatched on 154.325

I've never heard Somerset RCC dispatch anyone on 154.175, most occurs on 154.325, 154.98 or 154.83 (whitch is also the Sheriff Department primary ops)
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Old 09-18-2005, 10:09 AM
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Location: Pittsfield, Me.
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Default Somerset County Frequencies & Misc. Info.

A note, Gentlemen, on the PD Frequency for Pittsfield, Maine: Not only does the PD use this Frequency its also home to the FD & Public works(Hiway, Water Dept. & transfer Station). PD & Fd are dispacthed out of Somerset S.O.
Pittsfield currently having trouble hearing & calling Somerset & Somerset will sometimes have trouble hearing Pittsfield. As of this posting no one knows where the trouble is, i.e. weather its on Pittsfield's end or Somerset's end or at the repeter site, which I think is on Eaton Mtn. in Skowhegan. Pittsfield PD likes to think it may be the radios in the crusiers & may submit a budget request for new radios in either 2006/2007. I'm not sure & am only guessing at this point.
Another Frequency used around here is 155.400 That is assigned to Sebasticook Valley Hospital used by SVH ambulance, Hartland/St. Albans ambulance & Newport Rescue(Newport, Penobscot County, Maine) & also has been used by Corinna Ambulance when responding to calls in the Newport/Hartland/Pittsfield area. Corinna Now dispatched by Penobscot Sherriff & Mayo Hospital in Dexter.

BTW, I'm a new Member to these boards so bear with me as I get used to things.
Don H.
Depot house Museum
GUilford Rail Systems Dist. 1, Mile post 92.5
Pittsfield, Maine
P.S. the Listed Frequency of 154.325 for Detriot Dispatch is actually Somerset County North ( SVH ambulance can be heard on that frequency too.) Detroit FD. has been out of service since early summer due to the FD being reorganized & moving into a new firehouse. Pittsfield, Newport, & other surrounding Towns have been covering Detroit's calls for sometime as mutual aide. Detroit FD is not expected to be back on line much before Oct./Nov. 2005 at the earliest.

Last edited by photoman_flash; 09-18-2005 at 10:16 AM.. Reason: Added Info
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Old 12-13-2005, 1:23 PM
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Red face Online Live Streaming Audio from Pittsfield?

I'm a little homesick. Is anybody in the Pittsfield area, who has a broadband or full-time internet connection, willing to provide an online scanner audio stream? I'm always curious to hear what's going on in my former homeland, but there are no online scanner feeds from anywhere near Pittsfield. I am a former member of Pittsfield FD, and now live in Connecticut.

I'd be willing to provide any instruction, guidance, and possibly equipment, to achieve this.

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