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Old 05-28-2009, 3:27 PM
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Default Questions on police talk

Can someone find me a list of michigan police terms. I know that they are close all over the us but some of them are different like PDA and PI or what does clear for code mean? Thanks.
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Old 05-28-2009, 3:40 PM
Completely Banned for the Greater Good
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PDA = property damage accident
PI = personal injury accident

Many of the codes can be found with Google, or searching this forum, or the reference files in the database here.
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Old 05-28-2009, 4:00 PM
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I dont have a list but most are easy to figure out
Off the top of my head

PDA Property Damage Accident
PI Personal Injury Accident
UTL Unable To Locate
GOA Gone On Arrival
ATL Attempt To Locate
BOL Be On Lookout
CID Car In a Ditch
DOA Dead On Arrival
EDP Emotionally Disturbed Person
LKA Last Known Address
LNU Last Name Unknown
QOA Quiet On Arrival
DA District Attorney
DV Domestic Violence
DOB Date Of Birth
EC Emergency Contact
FD Fire Department
PC Probable Cause (Reasonable Suspicion - for arrest or stop)
RO Registered Owner
RP Reporting Person/Party
OPS Operator's License Number
PERP Perpatrator
REG Vehicle registration

clear for code could be different for police and ems
EMS clear of last call ready for Priority call
Police could be clear of last call need dispatch code for last call
and I am sure others.
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Old 05-28-2009, 5:48 PM
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From: Mid Michigan police scanner frequencies
A.I. Accident Investigator
A.L.S. Advanced Life Support (ALPHA)
A.C.F.A. Attempt to Commit Felonious Assault
A.D.W. Assault with a Deadly Weapon
A.R.M. Alternate Report Method
(No written report)
A.R.T.C.C. Air Route Traffic Control Center
A.T.I.S. Automatic Terminal Information
Service (Airports)
A.T.L. Attempt To Locate
A.W.O.S. Automated Weather Observation
B.C.J. Bay County Jail
B.L.S. Basic Life Support (BRAVO)
B.M.C. Bay Regional Medical Center
B.O.L. Be On the Lookout
C.C.W. Carrying Concealed Weapon
C.H.F. Congestive Heart Failure
C.L.N.C. Clearance (Airports)
C.M.I.S. Criminal Management Information
C.S.C. Criminal Sexual Conduct
D.W.I. Driving While Intoxicated
D.W.L.S. Driving While License Suspended
E.T.O.H. Alcohol
F.A.C. Failed to Appear in Court
F.C.J. Failure to Comply with Judgment
F.T.A. Failure To Appear (in court)
F.T.C. Failure To Comply
(with court judgment)
G.O.A. Gone On Arrival
H & R Hit & Run
H.E.A.R.N Hospital Emergency Administrative
Radio Network
HEELO Helicopter
HIWAS Hazardous In-flight Weather
Advisory Service
HOOK Tow truck
ILS Instrument Landing System
K Killed
KEYHOLDER Has keys to get into the place
L.E.I.N. Law Enforcement Information Network
L.Z. Landing Zone (helicopters)
M.E. Medical Examiner
M.I.P. Minors In Possession of alcohol or
M.D.O.P. Malicious Destruction Of Property
M.D.T. Mobile Data Terminal
M.S.O. Marine Safety Officer (Coast Guard)
N.C.I.C. National Crime Information Center
O.D. Officer of the Day (Coast Guard)
O.T.L. Out To Lunch
O.U.I.L. Operating Under the Influence of
Liquor (or O.U.)
P & L Prostitution & Loitering
PAT.COMM. PATrol COMMander (Coast Guard)
P.B.T. Portable Breathalyzer Test
P.D.A. Property Damage Accident
P.I. Personal Injury accident
P.I.W. Person(s) In Water
P.O.B. Persons On Board
P.P.O. Personal Protection Order
R.A. Robbery Armed
R.T.D. Return To Department – Lunch/Dinner
RIG Ambulance
RUNNER Someone who is responsible at the
RVR Runway Visual Range
S.A.R. Search And Rescue
S.O.R. Sex Offender Registration
S.O.S. Secretary Of State
T.X. Telephone call
TRACON Terminal Radar Control Facility
U.C. Under Cover
U.D.A.A. Unlawfully Driving Away an
U.T.L. Unable To Locate
V.C.S.A. Violation of Chemical Substance Act
V.F.R. Visual Flight Rules (Airplanes)
V.O.R. VHF Omni-directional Radio-range
V.P.H.C. Violation of Public Health Code
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Old 05-28-2009, 9:59 PM
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In Farmington Hills, Clear for Code means that the officer is clear to go eat/take a break.
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Old 05-29-2009, 12:06 AM
w8jjr's Avatar
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Amateur Radio
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Location: Rochester Hills MI
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Originally Posted by Jimmy252 View Post
In Farmington Hills, Clear for Code means that the officer is clear to go eat/take a break.
I can see that Thats most likely what he hears.
Most time PD clear of last call need number or R number would be report number
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