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Old 11-06-2008, 6:13 AM
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Default Coos County Frequencies, Units & Codes


This is my first post here. I thought I would add some Coos county frequencies as I never did find any of them on line (there were plenty of frequencies but no mention of who exactly was on them, the 12 codes used down here, etc). In addition to what I'm posting, I am always on the lookout for additional police and fire frequencies, codes and information. If you have any additional information, please post it.

Coos county is largely rural. The radio systems are antiquated by modern standards, no 800mhz or trunking going on anywhere down here. No MDT's/MDC's either. But what they have gets the job done. Easy to monitor, too.

Any questions I can try to answer about our area, just drop me a line.

Coos County Sheriff

LAW 1: 155.880 - Old main dispatch freq, still has some occasional use
LAW 2: 155.790 - Main dispatch freq. The county also dispatches Bandon PD, Myrtle Point PD, and Powers PD. See unit number list below.

Bandon PD

Bandon PD TAC: 154.980 - Car to car

Oregon State Police

154.860: OSP county wide. I have also heard southern Douglas county calls dispatched on this freq.

Coos County Fire

156.105 - Tap out, dispatch for all fire departments in the county (including Coos Bay/North Bend). Each FD has their own freqs for operations, but much of the time the rural FDs just stay on the dispatch freq throughout the incident.

Bay Cities Ambulance

155.220 - The only ambulance service in the county. Dispatch frequency.

I am not able to hear Coos Bay, North Bend or Coquille from where I live. I would eventually like to get those frequencies though, if anyone has them I would apperciate a post here.

PD/SO Unit Number List

100: Coos Bay PD
200: Southwest Oregon Community College Public Safety
300: North Bend PD
400: Myrtle Point PD
500: Coos County SO
600: Coquille PD
700: Bandon PD
800: Not identified (Powers PD?)
900: Not identified

The lower the number, the higher the rank of the person. Highest numbers are generally PD reserves. CCSO Reserves use a 5-Robert-specific unit # system. CCSO Jail staff use a 5-John-specific unit # system.

12 Codes

All of the LE agencies in Coos county use a unique 12 code system. It is similar to the 12 codes used by OSP but there are some fundamental differences. LE here uses codes religiously, they are pretty disciplined about it. So here we go:

12-1: In service
12-2: Out of service
12-3: Return to station
12-4: Call by phone
12-5: Repeat message
12-6: Contact complainant or address
12-7: MV registration
12-8: MV registration & owner info
12-9: Correct time
12-10: OP License status check
12-11: Description from OP license
12-12: Unable to copy
12-13: Attention all stations
12-14: Relay the following info
12-15: Locate for emergency message
12-16: MV accident unknown injuries
12-17: MV accident w/injuries
12-18: Dispatch ambulance
12-19: Dispatch tow
12-20: Check for wants or stolen record check
12-21: No record or no wants
12-22: Misdemeanor CCH, no wants
12-23: Felony CCH use caution
12-24: Subject wanted
12-25: CCH, additional info required
12-26: Base station temp out of service
12-27: Call by radio on arrival
12-28: Suspicious person/vehicle
12-29: Disturbance
12-30: Reckless driver
12-31: Intoxicated driver
12-32: Intoxicated person
12-33: Emergency, radio traffic restricted
12-34: Resume normal radio traffic
12-35: Abandoned vehicle
12-36: Illegal hunting
12-37: Advise road/weather conditions
12-38: Message received
12-39: Unit out of county/city
12-40: Assistance needed -urgent
12-41: Subject in custody
12-42: Current location
12-43: Person down
12-44: Drag racing
12-45: ETA
12-46: Can subject/suspect overhear this?
12-47: Illegal parking
12-48: Road hazzard
12-49: Road block
12-50: Traffic stop
12-51: Burglar alarm
12-52: Stake out
12-53: Out of service/subject to call
12-54: Narcotic activity
12-55: Unwanted
12-56: Mental
12-57: Informant
12-58: Missing person
12-59: Prowler
12-60: Bomb incident/threat
12-61: Escort
12-62: Contact re: Theft/vehicle
12-63: Contact re: Burglary
12-64: Contact re: Crim mischief
12-65: Contact re: Death investigation
12-66: Contact re: Poss homicide
12-67: Contact re: Robbery
12-68: Contact re: Assault
12-69: Contact re: Sex crime
12-70: Contact re: Other (specify)
12-97: On scene/call
12-98: Clear scene/call

Code 1: Respond, not urgent
Code 2: Respond w/lights
Code 3: Respond w/lights, siren
Code 4: No further assistance needed, all okay
Code 5: Changing radio channel to ___
Code 6: Out of service/investigating
Code 7: Out of service/meal break
Code 8: Out of service/break
Code 9: Out of service at my residence
Code 10: Out of service for repair
Code 11: Out of service, security detail
Code 12: Standby to copy written info
Code 13: Standby to copy emergency info
Code 14: Disabled patrol vehicle, request assistance
Code 15: Death investigation
Code 16: Dispatch helicopter
Code 17: Helicopter dispatched
Code 18: Civil
Code 19: SAR needed
Code 20: Notify news media
Code 21: Stake out, all marked cars stay out of area

Questions? Comments? Please let me know.
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Old 11-06-2008, 11:39 AM
oregontreehugger's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2004
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Welcome! Thanks for sharing your research and info with everyone. If you see anything missing in the database please feel free to submit an addition.
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Last edited by oregontreehugger; 11-06-2008 at 11:41 AM..
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Old 11-06-2008, 2:28 PM
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Net-5 and oregontreehugger heres same other Coos County freqs,

155.490 Coosbay PD Disp.
154.710 Coosbay PD (old freq still use )
154.755 Northband PD Disp.
155.475 OPEN
154.145 Coosbay FD, (OPS)
154.010 NorthBand FD ch 3 (OPS)
154.430 Old county fire freq still in use ops/tac
154.385 Charleston FD tac
154.415 Northbay FD( this only freq i not sure about ,but says its there tac but havent heard any thing on it when i been in area if there any more info let me know)
154.310 Millington FD tac
154.250 Bandon FD tac2

Last edited by Baker845; 11-06-2008 at 2:32 PM..
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Old 11-06-2008, 6:49 PM
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Just another radio geek.
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thanks, i've updated the DB!
Joseph Stein, KD7MLG
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Old 11-07-2008, 3:27 AM
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 118

Thanks everyone! I am very impressed by the site and the people here.

Baker845, thanks a bunch!! You have just saved me from having to drive over to the Bay area, program in all of Coos Bay's and North Bend's frequencies, and then try to ferret out the police and fire channels from public works and everything else the cities do on the air. Awesome!!

I'm listening to LAW 2 right now and CCSO and OSP are running code to a prowler call with alarm activation in the Cape Arago area. Now CCSO says Tribal is out there, they have one at gunpoint. Ack!!

Does anyone have the frequency for the Coquille Tribal Police?

Okay, they are Code 4 now, one in custody...

Gotta love this stuff! I'd rather listen in than have to risk doing it anymore (I left the police reserves when we moved down here a few years ago).

Thanks again for the welcome and the information. I'm working on getting some more info and posting it here, too.
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Old 11-07-2008, 5:16 PM
Baker845's Avatar
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Premium Subscriber
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Beaver state
Posts: 1,253

Not problem Net-5, used to go to bay area Northband/Coosbay a lot been 6 months or longer. I can hear OSP and Coos County fire disp from here (Florence) and listen to freq a lot. Working on New Coos county fire Unit Id list, and when i done i post it here. I dont know what Tribal PD freq is but i look see what i can find.
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Old 11-08-2008, 6:00 PM
n7maq-1's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Net-5 View Post

I'm listening to LAW 2 right now and CCSO and OSP are running code to a prowler call with alarm activation in the Cape Arago area. Now CCSO says Tribal is out there, they have one at gunpoint. Ack!!

Does anyone have the frequency for the Coquille Tribal Police?

The Tribal Police are CTCLUS (The Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians) units out of Florance.


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Old 11-13-2008, 1:12 AM
Join Date: Nov 2008
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n7maq-1: Thanks for providing the correct name for the Tribal police. I assumed it was Coquille, my mistake. Makes sense that the tribes would partner up when it comes to law enforcement.

So now having the correct name to look under (!), I came up with the following freqs for CTCLUS:



*These are the way the freqs were listed, doesn't look right.

So we'll see which freqs the tribal police are running on. Security for The Mill will likely be lumped in there someplace too. Hoping I can pick the tribal police up...
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Old 11-21-2008, 5:34 PM
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Default Coquille Tribal Police

Okay, after monitoring all the CTCLUS freqs (above) and not receiving anything, I did a little more digging and found out that the Coquille Tribe does have it's own police department that is not a part of CTCLUS. Their web site is here:

The dispatch number on their web site goes to Coos Bay PD dispatch. A dispatcher for Coos Bay told me that they dispatch for Coquille Tribal Police and I suspect they use the same frequency that Coos Bay PD does. But I'm looking into it further.

I think that any CTCLUS tribal police force operates further to the north (as Florence was mentioned and the FCC license info bears this out).

Stay tuned.

EDIT: I got a call back from a Coquille Tribal Police officer. The officer told me that they are dispatched on the same frequency that the Coos Bay Police uses, which is 155.490. Tribal uses 200 unit number series. Someone locally had told me that 200 was used by the Southwest Oregon Community College (SWOCC) but this is incorrect. MODS: can someone please change 200 from SWOCC to Coquille Tribal Police in the database? Thanks. Sorry for the confusion.

Last edited by Net-5; 11-22-2008 at 12:40 AM.. Reason: Correct information
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Old 01-01-2009, 10:03 PM
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Talking to net-5

hey ive been listening to scanners scinei was 12. 18 years later i still do ive got a Uniden NASCAR programable. its very helpful to locate freq's it has a search button that ive used several times and located many local numbers as well as other numbers clear into california. this scanner has 200 channels and i still have not used them all
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Old 05-05-2013, 3:01 PM
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Default 12 codes

One of your 12 code numbers is wrong. 12-58 is illegal drug activity
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Old 05-06-2013, 8:01 PM
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I can personally confirm these freqs:

156.1050 [151.4 PL] Coos Co Fire Dispatch
155.4300 [No Tone] Coos Co Fire Tactical (Rarely Used)
154.1075 [025 DCS] North Bend Fire
151.1300 [172 DCS] Coos Bay Fire
152.9600 [125 DCS] Bay Cities Ambulance - Blossom Hill (Coos Bay)
153.1100 [125 DCS] Bay Cities Ambulance - Bennett Butte (Bandon)
154.4900 [125 DCS] Bay Cities Ambluance - Shutter (Hauser)
154.3100 [114.8 PL] Millington Fire Tactical
154.3850 [No Tone] Charleston Fire Tactical
155.3400 Bay Area Hospital HEAR (Multiple Tones)

155.7900 [179.9 PL] Coos Co Law 2 - County Law Dispatch: CCSO / Myrtle Point / Powers / Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians Police
155.8800 [141.8 PL] Coos Co Law 2 - County Law Tactical
154.7550 [118.8 PL] North Bend Police
155.4900 [226 DCS] Coos Bay Police (Includes COQUILLE Tribal Police)
155.9700 [141.3 PL] Coquille Police 2 - Dispatch
154.9500 [123.0 PL] Coquille Police 1 - Tactical
155.8500 [251 DCS] Coos Co Jail
159.1875 [023 DCS] Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians (CTCLUS) Police Tactical
154.8600 [131.8 PL] OSP Coos Bay
168.0250 [136.5 PL] Siuslaw National Forest Law Dispatch

159.0600 [141.3 PL] Coos Co Roads
154.0250 [71.9 PL] Coos Bay Public Works
156.0600 [173.8 PL] ODOT Dean Mtn - West Douglas / North Coos
158.8050 [131.8 PL] ODOT Coos-Curry Counties

151.2050 [141.3 PL] ODF Coos Forest Protective Association (CFPA)
172.4000 [114.8 PL] USFS Siuslaw National Forest South
170.3750 [103.5 PL] USFS Siskiyou National Forest - Powers Ranger Station
169.7125 [131.8 PL] BLM Coos Bay (Coos / Curry / West Douglas)

156.8000 Marine Ch 16
157.0500 Marine Ch 21A
157.1000 Marine Ch 22A
162.2500 [293 NAC] Coast Guard Ch 110
162.3250 [293 NAC] Coast Guard Ch 111
164.3000 [293 NAC] Coast Guard Ch 114
165.3125 [293 NAC] Coast Guard Ch 121
172.3125 [293 NAC] Coast Guard Ch 128
413.0250 [293 NAC] Coast Guard Ch 411 - Air Ops
345.0000 AM Coast Guard Ch 345 - Air Ops

Everything else in the Coos County Page is unconfirmed. Also, there are 2 tribal police departments: CTCLUS based out of Florence and Coquille Tribal. CTCLUS is dispatched on CCSO Law 2 and they have their own tactical channel. Coquille Tribal is dispatched on Coos Bay Police's freq.

Last edited by OregonScanner; 05-06-2013 at 8:03 PM.. Reason: i see that the original post was from 2008!!
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Old 05-07-2013, 1:04 PM
oregontreehugger's Avatar
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Thanks for posting this up! Would be nice to see the DB updated, too, especially for many of the rural OR counties.

And now I just saw... Necro-thread!
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