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10 codes

  1. M

    I wanted to post the official police codes from a dispatcher training hand book

    Here are the official police codes https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kUoesLUMjAboQrsxkGZeC3O9GggIHj2o/view?usp=sharing #FREETHERADIO
  2. M

    Getting offical State 10codes

    Does anyone have the official 10codes and other codes? for the state radio?
  3. J

    1970s Metro Nashville PD 10 codes needed

    I'm writing a book and need the Metro Nashville Police Department 10 codes for the early 1970s. Anyone have any ideas where I may find that information? Thanks.
  4. N

    Vestavia Hills 10 codes

    Just started listening to Vestavia and was wondering if anyone had 10 codes, Disposition, and/or Signal codes. I have looked to no avail.......Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. Bote

    Monroe County, FLA 10-codes, signal codes

    I'm looking for a current list of 10 codes and signal codes used in Monroe County, Florida. No, they are not the same as Broward nor Palm Beach. Thank you in advance.
  6. N

    Rutherford County 10 Codes and Signal Codes

    Does anyone have a list of the 10 codes and signal codes that the Rutherford's County Sheriff's Office is using? I've noticed some of them are different than 'normal' 10 code lists I can find on the web. Any help is much appreciated!
  7. V

    Dauphin Co 10-codes

    Hey. A couple months back I could of sworn I came across a list of the DauCo 10-? codes under the fles tab. Anyways, I can't locate a list now and was wondering if anyone could help. Thanks, 491
  8. R

    Houston Codes

    Does anybody know what any of the 10 codes that are used by the Houston Police Department? I hear all kinds of stuff that I do not understand and have been trying to figure out these little codes for about a year and a half. Also they use Code 1 (which I think means respond with no lights and no...