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102" whip

  1. B

    got the 1/4 wave whip and a 2.5-3.0 swr. need help

    so i had a Wilson 1000 for a few months till the twist lock decided to twist off at about 85 running down the interstate. thank god i was not keyed up then. i got home and looked at the ability of the 102" whip, and decided for 35 bucks i can build my own mount for it. got the antenna, built and...
  2. S

    Mounting a 102" whip on my F250 question?

    Im currently running a firestik off of a driver side front fender mount of my 1999 Ford F250....decent local strength. My buddy just bought a 102" whip from Radio Shack and we decided to briefly install it where my firestik goes. Bam! I was instantly shooting skip without even trying and I was...