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  1. G

    Pro-651: Pro 106 and Pro 651 Expert Settings Differences

    Does anyone know exactly what differences there are in the Expert Settings between the Pro651 and the Pro106? I know about the RSSI Threshold and the Zeromatic Threshold InHi differences, but there must be more. I have a pro 651 and pro106 programmed exactly alike sitting side by side and the...
  2. K

    Pro-2096 and Pro106

    I have a Pro-2096 and a Pro-106. The Pro-2096 stays at home, and the Pro-106 goes with me. I theoretically have them programmed the same. I imported the same sites and talkgroups from RadioReference using ARC500 and ARC96 respectively. I've read through the various trunking explanations and...
  3. S

    p25 freqs

    i need help to either mannuly enter my dps freqs to my pro 106 or i would rather use my win500 i have the two freqs for my area
  4. I

    Missing Start Of Some Transmissions

    Hello Folks, Now that I am hearing all sorts of things on the 106 I have a scanning issue. I am missing the beginning of some of the conversations. I know this was discussed but I cannot find it. There is apparently some setting for the amount of time the radio spends trying to determine the...
  5. I

    TGRP Not Working In New Pro-106

    Hello Folks, First of all let me say that I would like to understand how to do this without software. I am a Mac and Linux guy and not particularly interested in Windows software in order to program the scanner. Also, even the Easy manual could use examples. So, I have attempted to program...
  6. Z

    Pro-106 roaming feature

    Can someone explain to me what the roaming feature is on the 106 and how to set It up? If I'm having trouble with reception on digital talkgroups will this help? If not what will? Thanks!
  7. E

    Pro-106 programming help

    I am trying to program my scanner by hand, and have a few questions: 1)Can you assign a frequency a certain ID? EX--460.2125 i put in bank 4 but does it have to be in numerical order? Or can i make that frequency ID# 500 if i wanted... 2) I assigned a frequency to ID 19 and than deleted it...
  8. JerryNone

    Power Supply For The RS PRO-106 20-106

    Okay so you can use Alkaline Batteries and Rechargables. How about Lithium AA Batteries? What would be a good Power source for hooking up the RS PRO-106 20-106 to AC House Power? Any suggestions? A DC Adapater or some other way?