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  1. M

    DoD 14C Pro96com reports for sites logged in Portugal and Spain

    DoD 14C Pro96com reports for sites logged in Portugal and Spain areas. ________________________________________________________ Lisbon, Portugal (Logged from cruise ship port area) -TowerInfo System ID : 14C WACN : BEE00 Tower Number (Decimal): 6-8 Tower Number...
  2. PJH

    Lewis-McChord/Arnold AFB duplicate sites

    Both Lewis-McChord/Arnold AFB trunked sites in the 14C system United States Department of Defense (BEE00-14C) Trunking System, Nationwide, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies were showing Sites 1/2 & 3 with RFSS of 1. Sites for both have been reassigned RFSS IDs of 9 and 99. Those who are local...
  3. N9JIG

    Navy P25 380 MHZ SysID 14C: OmniLink?

    This system recently appeared at Great Lakes NTC in suburban Chicago and I understand from others that the same System ID is used at other Navy facilities including some in the Gulf Coast area. I am going to assume that they set this up this way to be able to use radios from one base at...
  4. jeff

    PNSY 380 System

    The Philadelphia Naval Shipyard 380 MHz system is up & running. CC is 386.8125. Heard some traffic on TG 27491, probably police.
  5. elias1988

    New Naval Weapons Station Earle 380 P25 System

    Heres Pro96Com data I've collected from NWS Earle in Colts Neck New Jersey: System ID: 14C NAC: 140 Site 310: 386.16250 Control/Voice 386.31250 Control/Voice 386.46250 Voice 386.61250 Voice Site 311: 386.07500 Control/Voice Identified Talkgroups so far: 211 - Radio Techs (Encryption...
  6. Markb

    DOD/Camp Pendleton TRS

    Hello Everyone. After a long hiatus, I've been running Unitrunker on this system and am having some wierdness going on, compared to the previous data I've collected. At my current location, I should only be able to rx the Pleasants Peak site. However, According to the DB, I am receiving the Mt...
  7. E5911

    DOD (army) new BSTRS

    The army is currently installing new P25 380mhz trunking systems in Arizona. The systems are about 98% AES encrypted. All public safety, all mission related is now required to be encrypted. The only unencrypted TG in the system in yuma is the maint folks.
  8. N9JIG

    New Great Lakes NTC P25 system

    A CARMA member noticed this system popping up at Great Lakes the other day and I have been monitoring it for a few hours with Pro96Com. Here is what I have so far: I presume it is related to or a part of a greater network of nationwide systems to that listed at U.S. Department of Defense...
  9. S

    Control channel on 385 mhz

    I noticed a P25 control channel nearby but unsure of what it is for and never heard it in the past. 385.350 any ideas or if anyone else knows what it could be? I am getting the trunking information on the radio but cant find any other freqs that could be used on the system.
  10. fryan

    Merdian NAS

    Here's the lastest intel at this location. The VHF site that's listed in the DB isn't online any longer. I believe this is part of the U.S. Dept. of Defense: Southeastern Region system. System ID : 14C System Name : WACN : BEE00 Tower Number (Decimal)...
  11. R

    VaBeach Norfolk Area - New Federal 380 Sys

    A new federal 380 trunking has been discovered in the Norfolk / VaBeach area. Corn reported a new system in the "Oceana Air Show" thread, I have discovered nearby system on 386.2250Mhz. It is showing a system ID of 14C which is the US Dept Of Defense P25 system. The site ID is showing 302...
  12. S

    New 'Camp Pendleton' 380 P25 system

    Just spotted a new (to me) system showing the ID's of Camp Pendleton (though it could be anywhere in San Diego, I presume, and it's much higher signal strength than the actual CP systems are to me) APCO P25 BEE00-14C Site 005-003 LCN 02-900 385.625 LCN 02-992 386.200 Both have been used as...
  13. wise871

    Pensacola and Jacksonville frequency help with 385.3125

    Over the last month I have been picking up an unknown control channel in the Navarre area which I thought was Pensacola Florida. The SID for the frequency is 385.3125 which displays as BEEOO-14C-0121, part of the DOD P-25 Mil system in this area. In Navarre I normally pick it up in the evening...
  14. D

    New 380 mhz Federal System MCB-29 Palms

    I found a control channel for what appears to be a new system operating on the MCB at 29 Palms. I never heard any voice traffic or obtained any talkgroup information, but here is what I found. CC 386.350 386.0125 386.1625 386.5250 Display on my PSR-500 showed the following N144 W BEE00 SY...
  15. M

    Sys 14C CC on 385.625

    While in Baker on I-15 (San Bernardino County between Barstow and the CA/NV state line) I received a strong Control Channel signal on 385.625 MHz. The System ID number was 014C. My best guess for a user is Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command...
  16. Airdorn

    New P25 system heard in Memphis

    Hi all. I was scanning around today and came across 380.075.. I happened to have Unitrunker running at the time and it came to life when I hit that freq. It's an APCO P25 system, ID BEEE00-14C According to the RR database, it's the US Dept. of Defense. Here's the URL...
  17. W

    380-mhz DOD TRS notes

    Fort Lewis cell of the monster 380-mhz DOD TRS ======================================================== GRE setting- P25 Auto Uses standard settings; no custom table was needed Control a/o 4/3/08- 380.075 Voice channels noted: 380.175 380.275 380.425 380.5375 380.575 380.875 380.9875 381.0875...
  18. wise871

    Looks like someone is busy scanning U.S. Dept. of Defense: Southeastern Region System

    I notice someone has submitted a bunch of new TG for the U.S. Dept. of Defense: Southeastern Region System. What type of scanner are you using?
  19. brandon

    SoCal 380 MHz P25 - site 502

    The database lists this as "Los Angeles" Here is some info I got from running Pro96Com. They are starting to show signs of life. Control channel right now is 386.1000 and has been for some time. Tower Info System ID : 14c WACN : bee00 Tower Number (Decimal): 502...
  20. freqhopping

    JNCR System 001-0606

    I'll will have to hang out in Tyson's this weekend with my laptop. I can pick up a lot of these 380mhz systems in the area of the radio tower at Rt123 and Rt7. Today I found 001-0606 with a cc of 385.0875. Also within range were 00D, 008-0101, 17A, 14C, 002-0101 and several sites of the...