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    NX-5200 2-Tone Programming

    I'm trying to figure out how to program my radio for 2-tone. I'm new at this so bare with me. I have 127 channels programmed. Channel 1 is our dispatch channel however i would like to add a channel named "greenhorn fire page" that would normally stay silent until our tones were toned out for a...
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    TK-5210 2-tone operation in Mixed mode

    I searched and tried to find any information on mixed mode and 2-tone but I was not successful. Our department operates on p25, but we are dispatched in analog. The way our radios are currently set up after our 2-tone alert our radio we have to switch zones to listen to the audio dispatch...
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    Minitor V 2-tones

    Local radio shop says that one of the tone sets that I need is: 726.8 / 688.3; however the minitor changes those entries to 726.9 / 688.7, no matter how I enter them. [Coding Option: R168(None); F1: 151.1750; 2 channel with voice store] Any ideas how to get it to program the tone pair that the...
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    TK-790 2-tone programming

    I have programmed a TK-790 for 2-tone decode on a receive freq; however the speaker doesn't mute, it's always open. Is there a programming switch that I'm missing? It is a TK-790, 45W, (not California Fire Service model). Larry