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  1. operator219

    MTS-2000 Expert Knowledge Needed

    Hello, please excuse my lack of knowledge. I run a security company and we operate nationwide and have many different types of places,conditions,environments we operate in. I have been looking into cost effective durable user friendly radios and really like the MTS-2000. We rent repeaters...
  2. C

    Motorola MTS 2000 Model III Programing Issue

    Hi there, I'm having a bit of trouble programing my MTS2000 Flashport I've tried using DOS RSS and it shows an error trying to connect and when i use Windows Based CPS R01.13.00 and R02.00.01 and it says code-plug too new for this application, as far as i know the code plug version is 15...
  3. G

    XTS Speaker Mic

    Just a quick question, will the XTS Speaker mic NMN6247A or NMN6247 fit on the jedi series. Noticed tha it has the same style connector but it doesnt have the same style of locking mechanism for the radio- on the connector side of the XTS radios pretty much matches the side on the Jedi radios...