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  1. KK4LQX

    2013 Toyota Tacoma (Work in Progress)

    Hello All, I am in the process of outfitting my 2013 Toyota Tacoma for Amateur Radio. Pictures to follow but here is the equipment installed so far: Kenwood TM-V71A with DFK-3D remote kit connected to a Diamond NR-73BNMO Dual Band Antenna Kenwood TM-281A connected to Motorola Spectrum 2m...
  2. WX9RLT

    Fatal Shooting In Rockford

    Fatal Shooting In Rockford ~ Fatal Shooting On College ave | Rockford Scanner
  3. Danny37

    Do any yaesu HT do a 6.25 step narrowband

    Does anyone know if there is or "in the works" yaesu ht that does 6.25 step for the mandatory narrowband change of 2013. It's hard to believe that cheap Chinese market radios do this step but others don't, whats the deal?
  4. M

    2013 Thunderbirds Show Season Schedule

    Thunderbirds 2013 Show Season Schedule The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds announced their 2013 show schedule. In its 60th season, the team is slated to perform more than 60 demonstrations in 38 locations, including a six-week tour through the Pacific...