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    EF Johnson 5100 "Disabled"?

    I am attempting to program my 5100 but after programming and writing the radio, the radio displays "Disabled" on the p25 channels. the zone name pops up then goes straight to "Disabled". Has anyone seen this or know why this would be doing this? After research, it would appear that there is a...
  2. P

    EF Johnson Advice

    Hello: Excuse the length of this message. Trying to get some advice. I volunteer (I am the tech guy) at a charter school for exceptional children. After a recent minor safety issue came up between a student and a staff member at the school, we have been searching for a better communications...
  3. K

    EF Johnson 5100 Feature Decode Question.

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing a 5100 radio with the following code: 242-5113-310-B12 (or BI2). I would like to check if this is a VHF Radio that supports Analog and P25. FPP would also be great. BTW, The Firmware version is 2.8.15 Thanks, John, KB9YIS
  4. H

    Help with EF Johnson 5100

    Does anyone know how to decipher this model number: 242-5172-810 YK5 It is 700/800 mhz and appears to maybe be the original 5100 series. I am trying to find out if it is digital, p25 and will work once all the rebanding is done in Indiana on the Hoosier Safe-T system. Any info will help...