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  1. F

    BCD536HP: W indows 7/64 Driver problem HELP

    I have a major problem with my BCD536HP, when I connect it to my computer HP windows 7/64 with the USB cable it use a driver called WPD FileSystem Volume Driver and the screen of 536 turn black, only solution is to power OFF and ON to return the 536 to life Just before the 536 screen goes...
  2. G

    BCD536HP: Mobile 536 w/remote control

    I have a 536 in my car but want to get as close to a remote head as I can with a winbook. I have tried the siren app but have problems with the AP mode not always activating when the radio is powered up. Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn't. Also, my trips are usually not that long, so by the...
  3. R

    BCDx36 Wish: REAL AGC

    I sure miss having a working AGC. The volume varies from barely audible to blast-me-out-of-my-recliner. An external speaker might help, but shouldn't be necessary. With all the digital signal processing going on in the radio, an AGC that works should be a piece of cake. Anyone else?
  4. yaesumofo

    how do you feel?

    How do you feel about buying a radio with advertised features not yet delivered? Hey UPMAN: How do you feel about charging end users good money for premium features on radios that do not have well advertised premium features? Heck I'd happily pay a little more for a few features which are...
  5. D

    BCD536HP Install in my 2010 Ford Explorer

    I've wanted a in-dash install in my vehicle for several years. It took me ungrading from a 996XT AND my vehicle for me to finally do it. The Explorer uses a dual-din radio, so this made the task a lot easier, My installer said it was a very simple install and straight forward. The setup...
  6. LiquidPandora

    New Hearing Aid Campaign for the BCD536

    I have noticed that the 536 Has Big Issues at hearing everything... I don't do Trunking so get that out of the way.. Volume:14 Squelch 2 I have a Grand total of maybe 12 Channels that I listen to day and night... small hillbilly town... Anyway... I have the Alert lights on just for...
  7. yaesumofo

    BCD536HP esn checksum

    Hello all. The uniden RMA generator for the 536 asks for a serial number/ESN and the ESN checksum. It says to go to SETTINGS → SEE SCANNER INFORMATION → FIRMWARE VERSION The ESN checksum is NOT there!!! Where is it why is this silly number needed presumably each radio has a...