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800 mhz

  1. M

    Sunday day trip to Maquoketa/Welton.

    I decided to take a short trip today just to get out of the house. drove up Maquoketa and sat for short time at Walmart on the south side of town. I didn't have a mobile antenna on the car so just had to deal with the one on the handheld. first up was a search of 851 MHz range: 857.3375 CC0...
  2. M

    Problem with Motorola XTS3000 Model III

    Hey guys! I purchased an 800mhz version of the XTS3000 Model III, and it came to me programmed conventionally. However, I came across an issue as soon as I unboxed it. The MUTE is on the radio. Transmit is possible, but not receiving anything. Guy at the shop says it's a switch that was hit...
  3. F

    800 Mhz yagi eliminates multipath on P25

    In my area, there is a P25 system which continues to expand and has 13 towers within my county alone. The multipath from overlapping signals on the same frequency makes reception annoying and often unintelligible in mobile or portable listening. I have tried various adjustments to my Whistler...
  4. F

    St Joseph County

    Does anyone know the status on the St. Joseph county 800mhz (p25) deployment? I know its coming but I keep hearing about delays
  5. J

    If I buy a Harris radio used by Public Safety System, will I be able to listen?

    Or will I have to have the radio programmed? Because I Could just scan the 800 mHz band right? I am just wondering because it has a simple concept.
  6. H

    XTL1500 800 MHz is it possible to reverse the in/out frequency?

    Is the 800 MHz radio capable of transmitting on the input frequency and receiving on the output frequency like the UHF model? I am aware that the frequency split for UHF is 3 or 5 MHz where the 800 band is 45 MHz I don't have a code plug to see if the CPS software will accept or reject the...
  7. D

    Looking for flat mobile scanner antenna

    Moat of the monitoring I do is in the 800 Mhz public safety band. I have a nice mobile scanning antenna mounted on my roof rack, but frankly I'm tired of having to fold it down every time I enter a parking garage. I'm looking to replace it with one of the flat circular antennas, similar to...
  8. radioscan

    Allen County DB Update

    I've been going through the Ohio DB doing some year end housekeeping, and what not. For Allen County we need to know the status of the 800 MHz Fire TACs that are listed. Those frequencies should no longer be valid now that 800 MHz rebanding has been long completed. 866.17500 M CSQ...
  9. W

    800 MHz trunked SMR -YM

    Can someone tell me what you can use a YM 800 MHz Trunked SMR license for? Frequencies 861 809 824
  10. K

    Maximum distance with a yagi? / Scantenna radiation pattern

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be putting up a Scantenna pretty soon and am thinking of putting up a yagi with it too and I was just wondering what type of range could be expected with a good yagi? I would like to pick up Springfield's 800 mhz system but live 70 miles from their tower. My mast is...
  11. M

    End of radio transmission "click"

    Hello out there, I was wondering what the "click" or "tick" noise is at the end of a radio transmission. I hear it at the end of a 800 mhz radio transmission and some times the end of a VHF radio transmission. Its not MDC, MODAT, or DTMF. Just curious to what it is. Thanks!!!
  12. KK4LQX

    800 MHz Astro Spectra Programming

    Hello All, I recently bought an 800 MHz radio off of eBay and have run into an issue. I am able to read/write the radio using ASTRO Spectra CPS Version R05.03.00 just fine. When I try to read the radio with ASTRO Spectra/Saber/XTS3000 Tuner Version R01.03.00 the radio will not read. If i'm...
  13. P

    Marlboro County SC 800 mhz Towers Down???

    Did Marlboro County 800 MHZ get re-banded? I don't get any tower reception signal or audio on the frequencies listed from the data base. Does anyone have the Control Channel if they have re-banded? I have already tried programming in the possible new re-banded frequencies, but no reception...
  14. K

    Tuned UHF Antenna

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a BNC antenna tuned to both the UHF-T (450-512) and 700/800 MHz bands for base station mounting. A simple whip is fine; not looking for anything bulky, like a log-periodic, Yagi, or a discone. Thanks!
  15. J

    Multipath / Simulcast Isuues

    I just want to share that I have had a significant improvement of reception and clarity of the BRICS P25 system, with my BCD396XT with a Stubby antenna. The shorter the better. It has drastically reduced the Multipath and simulcast issues i was previously experiencing. I have two of the stubbys...
  16. Mtnrider

    NYSP 800's

    I for the life of me cant find the 800 mhz someone posted the mobil repeater ones and some others.... updating my scanner anyone have them...thanks in advance
  17. NFR85

    Scanner Antenna Help

    I live in Nashua ,NH I have a Uniden Bearcat Trucktracker IV BCD996T. I have the basic antenna it came with. The problem is I can pick up towns far away crystal clear i.e. Concord NH Dispatch but FG its Dead! Same as other towns. Would buying an 800 MHz 2.5db gain base bnc antenna solve my...
  18. R

    New 800MHz Antenna

    I recently purchased a Radio Shack 800 MHz antenna. 800MHz Scanner Antenna - RadioShack.com It is a replacement antenna for my PRO-106 Digital Scanner. I am experiencing a few problems. First, all digital trunked systems receive great and have excellent signal strength. The problem is that...
  19. T

    Can you reflash?

    I am currently looking into buying some Motorola XTS2500 model 3 radios for my fire dept. Our dispatch is set up on the 800 MHZ frequency, but have found some radios that are 7/800 mhz capable, but have been previously flashed for the 700 mhz frequency, Can these radios be reflashed for the...
  20. B

    Direction of ST-2 antenna

    Hello, I currently listen to a RS PRO-163 that is linked to a Scantenna ST-2 mounted to the side of my house. I do monitor the Mass State Police 800MHz Motorola trunking system with this setup, and many times the reception quality is quite poor and full of static. I live approx 45 miles from...