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  1. I

    FCC Report & Order to Open Up More 800 Spectrum for (PLMR)

    There is a R/O from the FCC Drafted for the October 23rd Open Meeting in Washington D.C from 10:30 to 12:30 https://www.fcc.gov/news-events/events/2018/10/october-2018-open-commission-meeting Revitalizing the 800 MHz Band The Commission will consider a Report and Order and Order opening up...
  2. K

    Help-Baofeng UV-82HP Questions

    I recently purchased the Baofeng UV-82HP which has the following frequency ranges: 136-174 MHz (VHF) 400-520MHz (UHF) A mature (Part 97) Usage I am curious if there is a way to get frequencies in the 700-850 range. If so, what do I need to do/buy? The channels id like to listen to are mostly...
  3. L

    NMO for 700/800

    I purchased a new antenna a few weeks ago. https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/laird-technologies-b7603-5918 I took it out of the packaging and mounted it on my car with no adjusting. It easily out-performed the other antenna I had which is similar to this, but has a spring at the base...
  4. A

    PSR-800: MicroSD Card

    So I got an 8gb class 10. I had to take it back it jus't didn't want to work. Did anyone else try a class 10 in their 800?
  5. ND3U

    PSR-800 and Philadelphia

    I seem to be having trouble configuring my 800 for Philadelphia. I made the appropriate adjustments per the RR Philadelphia page and I only get noise. Could someone please send me the settings. Thanks in advance. Brandon, ND3U
  6. J

    800 cell question

    Hello all: (see pic) The antenna up top is an 800MHz 9dBi (6.9dBd) omni antenna located at 18ft from the ground. I use it to receive scanner info only. Works awesome for VHF, too... I have a 6dBd 800MHz Motorola yagi I want to use for the ATT/Vz towers 8.3 crow miles away. I have verified...
  7. MedicDavid78

    Audio cutting out on my feed??

    I'm wondering if someone can help me because I can't figure this problem out for the life of me. For some reason the audio cuts in & out, and if you listen to me feed you can hear it too, but I can see it on my scanner that the channel goes off and then comes back on like it loses reception or...
  8. N

    State 800 Arbuckle Site

    I noticed that on the Arbuckle 800 tower it has a site neighbor of "site 38" listed. However on the home State 800 page there is not a site 38 listed. Does anyone know where this is located? Thanks
  9. alex4659

    Cherokee Co icall / itac channels?

    hi yall, If this is in the wrong spot let me know please... Anyway on the RR database, in the state of Georgia, cherokee county has some 800mhz icall, itac channels. I was listening from north fulton county / johns creek area and there seemed to be a lot of interference while listening. Do...
  10. F

    2 in 1 Feed

    I am currently broadcasting MABAS 7 (Kankakee IL) Fire feeds on RR. We run on 800MHz Trunked Motorola System. However we are not paged on the 800MHz we use High Band for paging. Is there a way I could broadcast the 800MHz on the Left Speaker and the 156MHz on the Right Speaker? Any...
  11. Robbyboy

    Activity on DOITT 800 TRS

    I was monitoring the 800 system and noticed a bit of chatter on Temporary 1. They were calling out addresses and getting radio checks from those addresses. The addresses were (not all inclusive): 2554 Linden (Blvd) 350 St Marks (Pl) 150 William St 220 Beach (or east) 87 St 19 Grant Square...
  12. S

    Salem 800s and General questions

    I am doing a presentation on radio types and frequencies for a Chemeketa fire class, and i dont understand how the salem fire 800mhz radios work. I also need to know the wattage ranges for base stations and mobile radios. i have the portables covered.