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  1. M

    What happened to dutchess 911's end tone???

    It changed this morning! I heard some talk about "trouble with the new system" I listen every day ... this is the first I am hearing .. the end tone sounds like Ulster 911's tone. I remember hearing this tone since I was was a kid, what happened? am I out of the loop?
  2. screenersam

    Wicomico Emergency Drill

    Wicomico County 911 having emergency drill today @ SBY airport
  3. B

    Madison Co. Indiana unified dispatch radio system quotes range from $12M to $20M

    ANDERSON – Madison County officials received two proposals Tuesday that will be considered for the purchase of a new radio dispatch system for all local law enforcement agencies. The Madison County Commissioners opened the three proposals for the new radio system, but one of the three didn’t...
  4. SCPD

    Injured and ailing people wait as dispatch problems slow LAFD

    Los Angeles, CA - When the machine swallowed her hand, slicing off one finger and mangling the rest, Tania Wafer's co-workers tried frantically to stop the bleeding as a supervisor dialed 911. Read more: L.A. Times
  5. S

    Lake County Sheriff Frequency

    Hi I need help to find the Lake County Sheriff Fequency. I also tried looking on the RR Page but there was to many frequencys and I didn't know which to pick. Thanks
  6. nate1992

    Site Kinda like IPN But only for NC

    Okay so i made i site kinda like IPN but its only for NC and sorry but no rewards the good thing though is its free for every one other side of it is right now only for NC if it dose good i may expand it but honestly it takes a lot of work to run a free site that has so much put in to it, any...
  7. Starcom21

    (Madison) Maryville Police/Fire dispatching to Glen Carbon

    Update: The Edwardsville Intelligencer > Local News
  8. U

    Helping law enforcement based on info gathered from scanner

    A hypothetical example: say someone robs a bank, dispatch describes the car and individual, I later look out my window and see the person they're looking for... ... do I call 911 and say "hey I heard you over my police scanner and I see the guy you're looking for." ? Is that frowned upon? Any...
  9. L

    Warren County 1.25 million twd upgrades

    Warren County to spend $1.25 million federal grant on police radio upgrades Tuesday, February 09, 2010 By BILL WICHERT The Express-Times WHITE TWP. | As part of a multi-phased plan to upgrade emergency communications, Warren County officials plan to spend a $1.25 million federal grant on new...
  10. N

    Kelly Butte BOEC Dispatch

    Greetings: I thought some of you old-timers out there might enjoy this. Does anyone remember the old BOEC dispatch center at Kelly Butte, in Portland? The dispatch center began as a command and control bunker, built during the 1950's, to be used by city and county government in case of a...
  11. SCPD

    States Raid 911 Phone Tax Funds

    Print Story: AP IMPACT: Cash-strapped states raid 911 funds - Yahoo! News Just wait till the government provides health care.
  12. T

    Lake City,TN

    Why can i pick up lakecity on my scanner 1 of the freqs are 460.1750 and theres another i cant pick the signal up with my uniden bc700a i live in lake city but still can pic nything up i programmed them into private and still nothing