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accessory port

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    Programming CDM via Accessory Port with FTDI RIB-less cable

    After several months, and fully dedicating a weekend to this project, I have pieced together from various sources (especially this forum), enough information to make an Accessory Port programming cable for the Motorola GM/CDM radios that will work with the generally available FTDI based RIB-less...
  2. T

    DP4800 Accessory pinouts

    Help required again, I'm having a lot of trouble finding, what should be simple and available information on the pinouts for the accessory port on the DP4800. Can anyone one help? Thank you
  3. E

    Maxtrac ghost transmit w/ acc. plug in use

    Hi guys, Have had an intermittent issues on my Maxtrac. It's a 16pin logic board model and is setup for use with a vehicle VHF repeater. Pin 14 is set to detect a carrier with or without PL. The extenders are made from HT1000. I have made several of these and haven't had any issues with them...
  4. D

    Communicating digitally through accessory port on XPR 8400

    I am trying to use the accessory port on an XPR 8400 to send/receive audio to an emergency call system. The system has a radio interface giving me PTT, COR, TOR, transmit and receive audio and ground. I can make the repeater work this way as analog but need to make it work digitally. I was...