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  1. N

    Williamson County Wreck w/ Extraction This Morning

    Hello all, Wondering if anyone else was listening to the Williamson County Rescue and Gollege Grove Fire stream this morning. I saw a bunch of rescue vehicles headed eastbound on Peytonsville Rd at I-65 and tuned in. I never did catch a location though. Sounded like a pretty large cohort of...
  2. WX9RLT

    Fatal Motorcycle Accident In Rockford

    Full story ~ Serious Motorcycle Accident in Rockford | | Rockford Scanner On Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 12:11pm the Rockford Police and Fire Departments responded to a report of traffic crash at North Central Avenue and Ashland Avenue. Upon arrival officers discovered that the crash involved a...
  3. WX9RLT

    3 Dead In Firey Accident In Rockford

    3 People passed away this morning in a firey accident in Winnebago County ~ Accident With Vehicle On Fire, Possibly Occupied | | Rockford Scanner 3 people passed away after their SUV crashed into a guard rail, bridge and down an embankment. Vehicle catches fire, 1 ejected. etc....
  4. WX9RLT

    Serious Accident Involving A Tractor In Winnebago County

    Today several emergency personnel were dispatched to a serious accident that involved a vehicle crashing into a tractor in Winnebago County. Helicopter was requested to the scene Helicopter Requested To Accident Scene | Rockford Scanner "Breaking News As It Happens"
  5. RadioGuy1951

    Napa CA Cal Fire dozer transport fatal accident

    Napa CA - On Calif Hwy 12 in the Napa Area a fatal accident occured today (29AUG11) when a tire blowout on a bulldozer transport started a series of events that involved 3 cars...1 person died, 8 others went to the hospital...that section of Cal Hwy 12 was closed much of the day (now open)...
  6. WX9RLT

    Major Rollover Accident (Poss Fatal)

    Major Car Accident ~ Bypass 20 & Town Hall Rd | Rockford Scanner Major Rollover Accident (Poss Fatal)
  7. R

    Accident at i-55 batesville N exit area 4/11/2011

    Was anyone listening to news, scanner or anything at about 11-12 noon that day. My dad lost control of his truck, crossed over the median, hit a parked car, then a Semi truck hit him and sent him into the woods. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could talk to me about what they may have...
  8. WX9RLT

    2 fatality accident - il/wi border

    2 fatality accident on the illinois/wisconsin state borders. Winnebago/Rock counties. 2 Fatalities are confirmed, 3rd possible Read about it here - Update: Accident 2 deaths confirmed | Rockford Scanner
  9. jerry092975

    vehicle versus a school bus in chester county PA

    By Kennett Fire Company No. 1January 19, 2010 On the morning of Tuesday January 19th, the Kennett Fire Company was dispatched to Kaolin Road south of Caldwell Lane for the report of a vehicle accident with entrapment. Deputy 24 arrived on scene to find one vehicle versus a school bus confirming...
  10. C

    Falls and Northern Pkwy/Accident? Pursuit?

    Tonight (10/25) from 9:45-11 the police copter was out, medevac, multiple police, ambulance at this intesection. Caught the scanner late when they were leaving. Sounded like someone ("a kid") was involved in an accident, also heard the code for police pursuit. Later, the police were calling...
  11. NeFire242

    SCSO PI Accident

    SCSO Deputy was just involved in a PI Accident, at 36th St & Hwy 370. No word on how the deputy is, but they're toning out Bellevue D3 right now. Bellevue B4, Bellevue 3-1, Engine 21, all en route, 0010 hours.