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  1. KoruII


    I am new to purchasing scanner equipment but an avid listener to the iPhone Scanner Radio application. Several months ago my hometown (Baltimore, MD) Police radio broadcast went and remains offline. I believe I read that the provider has moved out of the area and it appears no one is...
  2. C

    Advice on a 20m radio

    I'm looking for an advice for a quality 20m radio? Price is a factor but... I don't want to get a cheap POS. I understand that you get what you pay for when it comes to electronics. We want to be able to chat with family and friends that are 1000 miles away from where we live. Any info that you...
  3. F

    Pro-668: Pro 668 tips and modifications advice.

    I bought the pro 668 my first handheld radio when it was first released. the cpu n everything is updated to the max. I just want any ideas or tweaks that could top its performance. much like a real radio that police and fire use. Everyone in my county are P25 Phase 1 and 2. It receives very...
  4. H

    Kent County Newbie needs advice

    Hello folks! I am looking at getting started in the police/fire scanning hobby but I need some advice. I live in Grand Rapids and I want to monitor Kent County frequencies, sheriff, GR Police, GR Fire along with some of the immediate surrounding police and fire frequencies in a twenty mile...
  5. B

    Advice for setting up TRX 2 in UK

    Hi, I've just purchased a trx2 which should arrive next week. I've read through a number of the threads on here and am interested in any advice in setting up the scanner for use in the uk. I've only previously had analogue scanners the last being a handheld uniden. this is my first digital...
  6. COMSECFORPatrol2016

    Advice needed on Best Acoustic Tube "Surveillance" Headsets for Nightclub environment

    Advice needed on Best Acoustic Tube "Surveillance" Headsets for Nightclub environment Hello, I'm looking for advice on what the best acoustic tube headsets are for noisy environments. I am the operations manager for a security company and one of our locations is a nightclub. The...
  7. H

    Help me find my next scanner

    After many years of service, my RS Pro-96 is on its last legs (on-off/volume knob is going bad). I could really use some expert advice from you all on an economical replacement. I’d love a slight upgrade from the Pro-96 but I certainly don’t need the “latest and greatest”. I’d like to stick with...
  8. M

    Uniden BCD436HP or Whistler TRX-1?

    Uniden BCD436HP or Whistler TRX-1? I'm in Nebraska. My last scanner was the Radio Shack Pro-34. Most of the buttons on it don't work and I haven't yet desoldered the board from the antenna connection to remove it and see if I can just clean the contacts or what.. But,... Considering my...
  9. M

    Advice on Buying HandHeld Scanner Please

    I want to purchase New or Used Handheld Scanner for Picking up Multiple VHF /UHF Bands, I DONT NEED Tons of Channels Here ...16 Would be more than enough. Something EASY to Program with GOOD Volume and External Speaker Capability's ( lapel speaker ) Good Long Battery Life or Recharging would be...
  10. J

    radio advice

    I want to buy ham radio and was told I could also scan with it and if so I could mic them too for broadcast on website. Because I want to scan local Police and RCMP I want low cost I found these...
  11. D

    scanner for york county

    since the online feed has been decommissioned,what are my options if I want to buy a scanner to be able to listen to the P25 trunked radio system in York county, SC? The cheaper the better. Also, is it possible to buy a scanner that can be used to listen to both York county and...
  12. R

    Need advice, digital or analog

    Hi all, Firstly thank you for reading this. I'm totally new to the game but have been doing allot of research. I have read the getting started wiki, and various other articles/posts. My question, I am going to purchase a receiver. It will be used mainly in my vehicle. My area has gone digital...
  13. C

    Base Station Setup Help

    I am wanting to setup a base station cb radio at my house. I would like to keep both the cb and the antenna price under $100 each. What would be a good radio to get and a good antenna to get? I thought about getting a bigger mobile cb and using it as a base station using a plug converter and...
  14. C


    I have a realistic trc-418 cb hooked up in my truck. The antenna is a 102'' one from radio shack. It is mounted on the side of my toolbox with a mirror mount bracket and an antenna spring. I am new to cb radios but it seems to me that I am getting a lot of static and there is only a few channels...
  15. J

    New to Illinois scanning

    Hello everyone. Man radio reference is awesome. I'm gonna have to get a full account. Anyway I'm fairly new to scanning and I'm seeking experienced and educated advice. I just got a PRO 164 for Christmas. I live in Clinton County, IL. I'm looking to scan fire, ems, police, and state police as...
  16. sandyrb

    Three scanners to choose from ... which would you recommend?

    Hi folks. I'm planning on buying a scanner as I have been without one for a few years. I used to have an AOR 8200 Mk1 which I loved using. Currently I have three models on my 'radar'; the Alinco DJ-X2000, the Icom IC-R20 and, if I don't feel too guilty about spending the extra cash, the...
  17. B

    New to Scanning in OC - Suggestions?

    So I'm new to this whole thing, been wanting to scan local police/fire for a while now. I'm currently located pretty much in the middle of the City of Orange and looking mainly to scan Orange PD. This page has all the local OC agencies listed, but I can't quite decipher what these mean: 55200...
  18. S

    PSR 300 Newbie - Lost!

    Hello Experts! Temporarily, I am partially home-bound and have bought a PSR 300 scanner not only to entertain me, but also to help me know what is going on around me. I live on the upper west side of Manhattan, in NY, so there are always sirens going in the neighborhood. Makes one curious...