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air national guard

  1. S

    Apache Operations and Frequencies?

    So for the first time living here in Lincoln County for 3 years now, we just had not 2 but 4 helos fly over, they looked unmistakably like gun ships, my guess Apaches, I looked up the nearest ANG and it says it's in Portland but there are no Apaches based there from what I can see, maybe they...
  2. A


    National Guard and Air National Guard in Puerto Rico?
  3. S

    Black Hawks frequency?

    Hello, I'm up here in Santa Fe mountains near Pecos and we get Black Hawks from time to time, today we had a flight of three go by, does anyone know where they come from, I'm guessing they are ANG but are they from NM? Any idea what frequency to monitor VHF or HF? Thanks
  4. BakeryBoy

    AL National Guard

    I'm looking for any Alabama (especially southeast) National Guard frequencies.
  5. jsoergel

    Ohio Area Military Communications

    Ohio Milair If possible, I'd like to make this a sticky - there's a great deal of military activity around the state, but it seems like much of the posting is done in other regional threads. The Springfield ANGB and Wright-Patterson AFB frequencies have been updated very recently in the Wiki...