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  1. E

    Spyserver Win/SDR# Setup: "Server Busy"

    Hi I had this running once but it now absolutely refuses. I have and HF+ and an R2, regardless - at any logon attempt I get "Server Busy" in SDR# and "Device was sleeping. Wake up! Could not acquire the device." in the command window. Now I see other messages on this topic particularly with...
  2. countZZer0

    Kenwood, Yaesu & Icom, Oh My

    The KD9LTQ shack: Kenwood TS-590SG Yaesu FT-991A Kenwood TM-V71A (2 meters / 70 cm full duplex) Icom IC-2300H (2 meters) Yaesu FTM-3207DR (70 cm) Kenwood TH-D72A (2 meters / 70 cm full duplex) Baofeng BF‑F8HP AirSpy HF+ SDRPlay RSP-1A SDRPlay RSP-2 Pro...
  3. Z

    Frustrating mid VHF interference

    I have been experiencing interference that looks like wide-band data bursts from 120MHz - 150MHz+ which is destroying my NOAA APT captures. Here is a YouTube video of it happening: What its not: - My phone or router (tested LTE/2.4ghz/5ghz/Bluetooth) - My PC directly (only happens on outdoor...
  4. Q

    DSD+ - No Audio output

    I have installed AirSpy, VB Cable and DSD+ on my Windows 10 operating system. I checked to hear any normal audio signals using AirSpy, and I could perfectly hear the local HAM repeater. I then tune into a frequency having a digital transmission on Air Spy, and I pipe in the audio to VB Cable...
  5. O

    Goes 16 with rtl2832u dongle in WINDOWS

    after many attemps found this interresting software that actually works in windows for decoding the data on Goes 15 and 16 sattelites on 75 w in LRIT/HRIT BPSK demodulation 927000 kpsp goal was to difficult in linux . so stopped with it please try this software if itis working in the usa .? i...
  6. kylej86

    AirSpy R2 reception

    I have had two RTL-SDR V3s for over a month now that have been working great. Since they have been awesome I decided to get an AirSpy R2. I got the AirSpy in today and hooked it up. First, the USB cable was DOA, no problem I have plenty of micro USB cables to go around. So now I start using the...
  7. C

    Airspy R2 and SDRTrunk not working at 10MHz

    I've been a scanner junkie for years and very recently decided to get into the SDR scene so I bought two of the cheap $20 RTL-SDR dongles from RTL-SDR.com and was able to get them working in SDRTrunk. I've learned a lot about these and how they work by reading the forums here and through Google...
  8. G

    Unitrunker/Airspy - cant decode at all

    Hi all, I've recently bought an Airspy Mini and have discovered local emergency and other services use a 864MHz APCO25 trunk network. Manually tuning around the area i can see and hear the control channels clearly and also snippets of clear analogue audio on the various channels surrounding...
  9. G

    Airspy,RTL,B200,FCDp+ with Jaero comparison/ Airpsy issue

    Hi all ! I am putting up this quick comparison with the hope that someone will have an airspy mini to verify if the unit can actually receive "clasic aero" acars signals. I am worried that I may have a sub-par or even faulty unit. There is also the possibility of firmware issue or hardware...
  10. P

    SDRPlay should invest in writing software for thier product like Elad does for the FD

    Think about it Elad sells you a complete package for 500 dollars. The HW they designed and the software they wrote for it. ie: FDM-SW2 SDRPlay should be able to do the same thing, they developed the hardware, they should develop the software. This was one reason I never thought of buying the...
  11. SCPD

    Airspy purchase .. and SDRPlay in the box

    I just bought an Airspy .. :(:( Well .. not that bad of a thing, but I think I have had my SDRPlay for about 4 days now. It will be up for sale soon. The reason .. the SDR# software is being crippled for the SDRPlay. It is the only software the kinda works .. I wish there were more...
  12. SCPD

    Unitrunker Release 31

    Release 31 supports multiple VCOs and native USB support for the AirSpy. Supporting multiple VCOs required separating VCO specific settings from broader receiver settings. For SDRs, each VCO's frequency must fit inside the SDR's usable bandwidth. Other enhancements include the Hide feature...
  13. FLANO

    SEARM Meeting - 17 January 2015

    Tonight is the monthly SEARM (South East Arizona Radio Monitoring group) meeting. It’s always the third Saturday of the month. We meet at the Village Inn Restaurant, at 4245 E. Speedway Blvd., in Tucson. We start at 6pm and usually are there until 8pm. It is informal and we usually get...