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    eDispatches - Alaska Feeds

    Since eDispatches has messaging disabled to premium subscribers... Can you add the fire ground channels for Central Emergency Services and the Kenai City Fire Department to your feeds? The primary dispatch channels are really hard to hear because you have them streamed through old VHF freqs and...
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    will a new digital scanner work in alaska new police and trooper digital system?

    hello, im new on radioreference but not new with scanners. i have moved to alaska view years ago and recently bought an older analog scanner the realistic pro 2005. i really like this scannerand paid 50$ for it but i have noticed i cannot hear the police or state troopers only ems and fire and...
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    Wasilla/Palmer PD encrypted, too?

    I got one of the GRE 600 scanners when our old one went obsolete with the digital conversion. I came to Radio Reference for help getting it programmed and all was well for a while, but as I see on the Fairbanks encryption thread, we may have the same problem here. Does anyone know if the...