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  1. cellblock776

    AmRRON Raises Alert Level to AmCon Level 3

    https://amrron.com/net-resourcestools/amcon-amrron-communications-condition-level/ /////REAL WORLD///// Due to the increased probability of armed conflict with North Korea, which is now nuclear-capable and could strike American cities on the mainland, we are increasing our readiness levels...
  2. J

    Sentinel HomePatrol won't let me set alerts

    HP-1 version 2 Don't have extreme update I have firmware 2.06 dbase 4-30-17 help 12-7-11 esn 36326-038004742-0FF s/n 363z36004742 From what I read in sentinel's user manual, I should be able to set and adjust alerts for channels. (not the weather alerts). Easier manual says: Channel Alerts...
  3. K

    Discord for Interactive Streaming and Chat

    I have set up an Online Scanner Radio Chat server using Discord. The service, first intentioned for gamers provides voice and text chat. Over the past month, more "social" servers have been coming online. This week I set up a server to discuss online scanning and talk about live feeds. Over the...
  4. D

    Which is the best incident paging service?

    I know all about the different services like USEMERAlerts, Alertpage inc, BNN, Incident paging network, etc. but I'm wondering which one is the best to go with. I like all them and cant decide, but i also realize that some of the services might have a little bit more to offer than the other...
  5. W

    E-mail alerts

    Is there a way to test the e-mail alert addresses - besides taking the feed off-line? A quick button to send a test would be great (if there is one I must have over looked it).
  6. T

    National Weather weekly alerts on Pro106/Pro197

    I Have a Radio Shack Pro 106 and Pro 197. I recently reprogrammed both with new frequencies using Radio Reference data base and the4 ARC500 software. Everything is working great-except I no longer receive the weekly messages from the National Weather service checking the warning system. Any...
  7. O

    Twitter for breaking incidents

    Hi I thought I would make a twitter so that we could all tweet about breaking incidents. If you want to contribute just send the info to http://twitter.com/NEO_NEWS_TWEETS and i can retweet it to everyone who follows So far this is just for Northeast Ohio but we can expand later or you can...