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alpha tag

  1. P

    Barix metadata / alpha tags...

    Hello: Looking for some help. I burned out 5 old laptops since 2012 uploading a feed and decided to go the Barix Instreamer route. There is mention from Barix that the Instreamer CAN upload metadata / alpha tags (...similar to an internet radio station showing title/track/artist names during a...
  2. plaws

    BCDx36HP: Sentinel - "Alpha Tag" not "Description"

    Subject pretty much says it all. How do I get Sentinel to pull the database's Alpha Tag column instead of the Description column? I *think* I've looked at every menu item but can't find it. Some DB admins get pretty wordy in those Descriptions - I only need the Alpha Tag.
  3. AlJones

    Saving the Name on a TH-9800

    This is stupid question time! I have a new TH-9800 which I can program manually, not a big problem EXCEPT I can't see how to tell it to display the alpha tag that I've set in menu 18. I'm obviously both dumb and blind, but would someone please offer some help!!
  4. w2lie

    Apostrophe in Alpha Tag throws SQL error

    I attempted to add an apostrophe into an alpha tag using the import function and the result was a SQL error. Removing the apostrophe from the alpha tag allowed me to import correctly. For security reasons, I don't think I should put the SQL output in a public forum, but if anyone want to try...
  5. I

    How to display Alpha Tags w/ Winamp or VLC

    I am trying to get Alpha Tags to show when I am streaming with Winamp or VLC player. When I stream using Java Web Player, I get a window showing a Winamp skin and the Alpha Tags are displayed. But using Winamp client, I don't see any. Any help would be great. I don't mind using a different app...
  6. bbrasmussen

    Using Python to Update Icecast Scanner Audio Feeds with a Raspberry Pi

    Quite a few people have been using a Raspberry Pi to feed audio to Icecast and RR using Darkice. I wanted to go one step further and make it so both the audio and scanner metadata (alpha tags) could both be fed from the Raspberry Pi. I wrote a Python script to get data from Uniden scanners via...
  7. NFR85

    How do I setup Alpha Tags with Scanner cast

    I have two feeds I’m broadcasting. One is a BCD996XT and the other is a BCD996T. Is there a way to setup alpha tags on both of them so my listeners can see who is talking. I noticed there a several threads but I cannot seem to find one that will guide me in the right direction for step by step...
  8. W

    Uniden 346XT Radio IDs

    With the new firmware update, Uniden states it adds support for storing Unit IDs in channels with alpha tags Does anyone know how to program this in an EDACS system? I have a list of all the Unit IDs and their Alpha tags (IE. 6200 = WFS Mobile), but I have no idea how to get it into the radio...