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am radio

  1. T

    Please help with 1580AM 50MW near my home, Signal comes from pipes, wall heater, etc.

    Hello anyone who can help! 1580AM 50MW near my home in LA The clearly audible broadcast (not buzzing or humming) makes my stereo speakers/headphones unusable, emits from some pipes, the wall heater (loudly!), and there seems to be a flicker in some kitchen appliance leds that correlates to...
  2. BamaScan

    HF Frequencies in The Database

    I have noticed that some HF Frequencies are getting submited to the database as AM. I know that they are not AM Mode and are in fact USB. What is the main reason HF, AM Radio and FM Radio frequencies are not allowed ? I know for a long time Ham Radio FM and UHF Repeater Frequencies were only...
  3. K

    Fresno Radio Hosts Become Global Celebs; Farm Advice in Hmong; Punjabi Auto Tips

    Brussels Sprout Questions? There's a Talk Show for That - WSJ.com
  4. I

    Homebrew AM Broadcaster/Reciever

    alright so i've got this idea for a guitar effects pedal where the signal goes through a crystal oscillator at 1mhz and in the same pedal a reciever is housed to pick up the same frequency but use a tuner (variable capacitor or pot) and a volume pot to mess with the signal. im new to circuitry...