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analog scanner

  1. T

    Analog Trunking

    I'm likely going to be getting a scanner that has analog trunking capabilities and I was just curious if there was anything in Allen County or near-by that uses analog trunking? I've never used that feature on a scanner and I'd like to be able to use it if I can. Any info would be appreciated...
  2. K


    Is there anything in the database that signifies Analog? I was given a BC350A without an antenna or power cord. Does anyone still use Analog? I am close to Indian Reservations, Nation Forests/Parks, small airports, etc so if analog is still used by anyone then I could make a cord etc, but...
  3. fireboat61

    Durable outer housing for expensive scanners revisited

    Disclaimer. I am a devoted customer to Uniden , Gre, and Motorola products. This forum is in no way trying to smear a company with proven products. I am just venting a frustration and using my 1st amendment right. God Bless America. About 1 year ago, I created a thread about opinions on the...