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antenna grounding

  1. A

    Newbie desperately seeking help

    Hey guys, as the thread title states, I'm dumbfounded when it comes to radio waves, frequencies and the like (helpful reading appreciated). I have a BCD536HP that needs an outdoor antenna. I listen to Police and EMS in Rhea County, Tn on the Tennessee Advanced Communication Network if that...
  2. S

    New Antenna - Grounding Question

    Hi guys! I bought a Whistler TRX-1 scanner, and wish to connect it to a new TRAM 1411 antenna that I'm planning on mounting on my concrete block chimney. I will be using an 8' piece of 1" galvanized EMT conduit as my mast, and bought the Channel Master 3079 Antenna Mount Kit to mount it. My...
  3. A

    Mount antenna to roof rack or back hatch?

    I am looking to install a Yaesu FT7900 & Larsen NMO2/70B on my Subaru Outback but the antenna situation is a little tricky because I have a roof rack that I am not willing to part with. I am trying to determine the best location to mount an antenna. In the attached photo, I highlight two...
  4. M

    Grounding Diamond V2000A Base Antenna

    I just assembled a 33 foot Penniger tilt mast on a piece of 4x4 wood cemented in the ground. I mounted my Diamond V2000A 6m/2m/70cm Base Antenna at the top and ran a 100 foot coil of RG-8 with two PL-259's, one connected to the Diamond and the other rolled up at the bottom of the mast...
  5. MCinterop

    Grounding base antenna for Yaesu FT-7900R

    I have a 15 foot 1.25 inch mast pole that I will be attaching a Comet GP-1 to. The pole is mounted to my deck. I will be using a length of coax about 55 ft long. My question is how should I properly ground the mast pole or should I worry about grounding it. Keep getting different answers while...