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antenna install

  1. D

    Newbie needs help please !!

    I'm trying to find a qualified person to install a Watson WDB discone antenna on the outside of my house. I do have the antenna and 50 ft of LMR-400 coaxial cable, i dont have the mast ! I willing to pay top dollar for advice and install help! I'll buy all parts needed and I'm looking for the...
  2. J

    Surveying radio reception before installing antenna

    I'm considering a few different sites for a new antenna installation. I'll be monitoring a number of frequencies and then streaming them to myself over the internet, so I have some flexibility on where to install. I'm looking for recommendations on how to do a survey of radio reception across...
  3. B

    PSR800 Antenna

    Good morning fellow forum members. I just received my new PSR800 and it is working great. I have been out of the scanning hobby for over 25 years and WOW,thing have sure changed!! For the better I must add!! The new scanner is working very well without any problems at all setting up everything...
  4. L

    Help with Choosing a CIty Antenna?

    Right now I am scanning with nothing but the built in antenna on the Pro-2006. But I feel like I can do better if I put up a scanner antenna on the roof or the side of my apartment building. I live in a very crowded part of Queens with an elevated subway near my window. I have read conflicting...
  5. T

    Apartment Dweller - Scanner Antenna Solutions?

    Hello all, I am in the Metro Boston area and am in need of opinions/advice regarding scanner antenna solutions for an apartment dweller. The Set Up - I am on the third floor of a 4-story brick and steel apartment building and face east. The "listening post" is in a livingroom that has a 10'x7'...
  6. H

    Running Two Scanners off of a ST-2 Antenna

    Hello. I have searched the forum and found information about using a splitter to run two scanners off of one antenna and from what I understand, doing this causes a db loss. I have an AntennaCraft ST2 on the roof. What I am wondering is if I can run two coax cables from the antenna? I was...
  7. E

    Ram Install

    Hey all. So ive been googling for a couple of days and really havent been able to find what im looking for. So im newly HAM licensed, and its time to start putting my equipment into my truck. I already have two nmo scanner antennas for the scanners im going to move from my desk to my truck. Its...