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  1. B

    Split antenna signal to 2 (or more) scanners

    Hi, I have Discone antenna (link) connected to 50' RG8X coax cable (link) which is plugged into my scanner directly with an SO-239 to BNC adaptor (link). The antenna and current setup works great. I would like to set up another scanner and use the same antenna, so I have 2 (or more) scanners...
  2. L

    Tower removal close to Hilliard,Ohio

    Does anyone know of a company to remove an antenna tower? It’s about 40 ft tall. I had used it for ham radio. I am doing a different antenna system now and would like to have the tower removed. It’s been up over 20 years.its not rohn tower. Thank you for any info.
  3. C

    Hustler MRMBNC Antenna Review

    I am trialing a few mobile antennas and I just had to write a review about my first impression of the first antenna that I'm trialing. I spend most of my time listening mobile or at work. I rarely listen at home, but I do listen all day when in my office. Environments: Vehicle: GMC Sierra...
  4. jmarshl

    What is This?

    I am seeing these devices attached to street lights around San Diego. They appear to have 5 antennas. Does anyone know what they are?
  5. R

    SDS100: VHF Low Antenna for SDS100

    I'm looking for an antenna that gives me better reception on VHF low (150-159) and also provides a proper fit for the SDS100 SMA connector. Anyone have any recommendations?
  6. H

    1995 Corvette 460 MHz antenna solutions?

    We're wanting to mount a UHF antenna on my son's 1995 Corvette. He is going to be using GMRS and possibly some UHF licensed LMR nearby in frequency at some point in the future (but not as important). The retracting antenna motor for FM stereo is no longer working so we are considering that...
  7. I

    KiwiSDR and recommendations for antennas and cables

    I recently bought a KiwiSDR and it's my first SDR so far. I was wondering, what antennas you guys recommendation for it and whether the W6LVP antenna is truly good for it (it was listed on the KiwiSDR site as a recommended antenna, but it's a bit pricey for me (doable but pricy)). I'm trying to...
  8. M105

    772 Mhz Moxon antenna project.

    I was introduced to the Moxon antenna at an amateur radio club recently. Since I had been looking around for an easy to build directional antenna to monitor the local 770 MHz P25 system I decided to run the numbers for 772Mhz and see how big the antenna would be. It turned out to be small...
  9. Z

    SWR issue on DC grounded antenna.

    Hi guy's! New to this forum. From my Username, figure I'm a Ham radio operator. I'm no new-be to antennas and radios... very good with those... till today! As I'm going to be a radio / vehicle Marshall at a 4x4 event, I fitted a 29 Mhz radio to my car. I got with the radio a 29 Mhz Magnetic...
  10. tinocup

    SDS100 Best Antenna

    Curious what everyones consensus is on the best aftermarket antenna is for the Uniden sds100??
  11. T

    Scanner for Airband

    Hi, just wondering what the best scanner for me is for planespotting. I use a Uniden EZI33XLT and I'd like to by an antenna that i can use at the airport and at my home (approx. 20 miles). Thank you in advance, Matt ✈️
  12. O

    Kit needed for Wouxun KG-UV950P base station

    On a whim, but with the vague aim of getting into Ham Radio, I bought a WOUXUN KG-UV950P 50 Watt Quad-Band CB Radio: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00J67F0YO/ Although I think it is intended for use as a mobile radio, I'd prefer to set it up as a base station if that is feasible. But...
  13. S

    BCD536HP: Replacement antenna suggestions

    I am new to scanners, the BCD536HP being my first. I'm former LEO, and we switched to a digital trunking before I retired. I'd like to be able to pick up those signals, as well as any local military, airport and other dispatch and first responder departments who aren't using trunking systems...
  14. W

    Can't Hear Base Station but Can Hear Me

    Hi all, I'm wondering if someone can explain how this can happen with my current setup. It doesn't make sense that the base station can hear me but I can't hear the base station with the same equipment and power on a hill. Base Station has a Browning BR-180 Dual Band Antenna 20ft High using...
  15. C

    What antennas are others in our area using?

    So I just purchased my first base scanner antenna(a Centerfire tri-band 150/450/800 ground plane). Mainly because I was having issues receiving the Placer P25 system from my location about a half mile north of Roseville PD. I actually setup my Larsen tri-band mag mount, basically another...
  16. W

    LMR400 to RG6

    I have RG6 Cable already ran throughout my house like most people do and I just cancelled Cable so I want to know if anyone has used RG6 instead LMR400 for their base stations? I bought LMR400 cable and have it connected to my Antenna 30ft above the ground on my roof but it's just coming...
  17. B

    HomePatrol Antenna Upgrade

    I have a Uniden Home Patrol in my house and am having difficulty receiving signals from an adjoining county which uses a digital trunked non-encrypted system. I had it professionally programmed and occasionally get signals from multiple agencies but they are choppy and unintelligible. Does...
  18. P

    transmitting/receiving on military frequencies

    Hi All, I'm new here, doing some research for a paper, and I have a dumb newbie question. There seem to be plenty of scanners that'll scan military frequencies like 225-400 and 138-144 mhz. What commercially-available antenna is best to use for this purpose? Assuming I built or somehow...
  19. M

    Shortwave Antenna for ICOM IC-R8600

    I recently purchased an ICOM IC-R8600 radio. I would like to have information concerning which is the most suitable antenna for use in this radio to be able to receive and hear well the transmissions of shortwave stations from other countries. I have already the following antenna: ICOM AH-8000...
  20. S

    Repeater/Antenna help

    I work in a small music recital hall with 18-inch thick concrete walls. We use Kenwood TK-2400V4P radios which aren't able to cut through the concrete, so I picked up a Kenwood TKR-750 repeater. I was able to get it programmed to work with our radios, but as I'm new to this area, I had...