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  1. JeffDS3

    DMR hotspot and APRS on one antenna

    I was thinking of installing a 600mw UHF DMR hotspot in my car and also A 10W VHF APRS tracker on my car (my mobile doesn’t have native APRS functionality nor do I want to tie it up with APRS). Is it possible to have them share an dual band antenna mounted on my trunk using a diplexer?
  2. KB3ZWI

    Motorola M3 to Baofeng / Kenwood

    Good Evening Folks, I recently purchased a Mobilinkd bluetooth kiss TNC to use with my Baofeng radio for APRS (for now) and I have realized that the RX / TX on that radio is rather poor. So, I was wondering if there was anything at there that I could connect to my Motorola HT1000 or XTS5000...
  3. R


    Guys apologies. I am trying to help out someone. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to send APRS message to EMAIL and SMS Here is what I do on my TH-D74 1. Turning on APRS12 by Bressing (F) + 5 2. Pressing 4 to go to message list menu 3. Pressing Menu->New 4. In "To:" filed I...
  4. R

    8-Pin to TRRS

    Hey All, I'm working on a project for a dedicated APRS repeater, and I hoping to use an old Mic-less Azden 7000h I have sitting around doing nothing. I would like to use it with a Mobilinkd TNC2, which means I need to turn the 8-pin into a TRRS connection. I am a novice at making adapters...
  5. C

    Icom: GPS Data Out from ICOM id-5100a

    Here is my current problem. I am trying to get the NMEA GPS Data that my 5100 should be able to output and use it for APRS. I have a TNC-Pi working on the bench, but I want to put GPS in to it. What settings do I need to enable to get GPS out from the Data Port. I have a FTDI chipset 2.5mm...
  6. G

    I need help with APRS

    Hello! I am new to APRS and so far I'm hooked! I love it! But there are a bunch of things I want to do. First and most important is I am launching a high altitude balloon and I am equipping it with an APRS tracker. My problem is when I am looking for the payload on the ground I would like to...
  7. I

    Garmin GPSmap 60CSx + APRS...

    I have recently become interest in aprs and have been using my cellphone and APRSdroid to get started. I want to use my Yaesu FT-100 transceiver in the car for aprs. What are the various equipment I could use? I have on hand a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx and a SPOT Personal Tracker Gen 1. I know that...
  8. N2AL

    Yaesu: Does The Yaesu FT1D Automatically Insert Monitored Frequency In APRS Position Comment

    Hey everyone! I have a question about the Yaesu FT1D, and APRS. When I had a Kenwood D710 in the APRS status comment I had the ability to input a code that would automatically show on my APRS beacons what frequency I was monitoring, tone, and offset. If I changed frequencies on the radio it...
  9. WX9RLT

    Wires needed for the KPC-3+

    I have this unit, just the unit alone. No wires. Kantronics KPC-3+ Radio Modem/TNC Where can I buy the wires for this? Prefer usb, since I am running windows 8 I am running a FT-8800R
  10. A

    VX-8DR APRS Modem

    I noticed that I was not able to hit any repeaters from the B bank of my VX-8DR (A bank works fine and uses same frequencies). I found out that 95 - Squelch Type goes to Off on all frequencies in the B bank when I enable my APRS modem. I know APRS uses the B bank so anybody know if this is...
  11. D

    DSTAR and APRS - which way?

    Hi Guys, So here’s a question you’ve never heard before, I’ve been doing lots of reading for my next mobile rig and it’s going to be either a Icom ID- 5100A or a Kenwood TM- D710G so which one? … all over again. It seems to be a pretty popular thread and topic. (grin) What's the easier why...
  12. B

    Using the FT-1900 with APRS Droid

    I have a ft-1900 and for a school project I need to use it with aprs. I have an android tablet with APRS Droid. I have seen this for other radios, but I am not sure how to wire up a ft-1900 for this due to its odd mic jack. Please respond and thank you
  13. crazy_19

    APRS Question

    Hey all, Is it possible to monitor APRS on my pc via a scaner and sound-card?
  14. KK4LQX

    ASTRO Spectra Rear DB15 for data

    Hello All, I have an ASTRO Spectra W9 that I would like to connect a TNC to and use the radio for data (APRS primarily) . I have gone over and over the pinout out of the radio and TNC and i'm certain my cable is ok. My pinout is as follows: Radio Pin - Radio Function / TNC Function - TNC Pin...
  15. S

    Uv5ra with byonics aprs

    Can some one show me how to set up bionics aprs on a Baofeng Uv5ra. I want to be able to send/receive aprs packets. If you have done this please post some photos of the equipment you used (cables tt3/4 ect.)
  16. P

    GP300 with TinyTrak 3

    I've got a couple of spare GP300's that I've been wanting to configure for APRS. The thing that stumps me is what is the best way to go about modifying a GP series radio for such a task? Is their a way to go through a header similar to that of the J1 header on the Radius/Maxtrac/GM300 series...
  17. KK4LQX

    2013 Toyota Tacoma (Work in Progress)

    Hello All, I am in the process of outfitting my 2013 Toyota Tacoma for Amateur Radio. Pictures to follow but here is the equipment installed so far: Kenwood TM-V71A with DFK-3D remote kit connected to a Diamond NR-73BNMO Dual Band Antenna Kenwood TM-281A connected to Motorola Spectrum 2m...
  18. kc8mln

    APRS & Trimble Placer 450 GPS Receiver

    I have created a Yahoo Group covering this topic about how to setup and configure a Trimble Placer 450 GPS receiver for use with APRS. I created the group to help others through the process. When I searched for info about this topic, I found that there was not currently a single source of how to...
  19. KK4LQX

    Using a Digipeater to beacon objects

    All, I'm trying to figure out how to program a KPC-3+ to beacon multiple objects. My local club has 2 repeaters (2 tx/rx sites, 1 of which has 2 remote receive sites). I would like to have our 2 digipeaters automatically beacon the following: 1 Object name: 147.255+N Object comment...
  20. D

    APRS XP software with TNC in client

    Hello, New technician looking to get started with APRS. I have a HT and want to just start with client software in XP (or Mac) where I can connect the HT to the laptop via the mic and speaker pins on the HT. I want to just watch (decode) local APRS transmissions and then transmit a few of my...