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    AR8200 MKII Slight problem.

    Tried to use a serial cable with PuTTY on an AR8200. Ended up using another program. Anyway, besides the point. On the SRCH screen on the third line down (for text) It now just says YPuTTYPuTTYP Anyone know how to clear this text off? thanks.
  2. I

    AR8200 Scan banks disappeared

    Hi All, I have recently changed programming software for the AR8200. I was using Greenlight, but that stopped working. I have since brought Butel ARC8200V2. However, I downloaded from the scanner fine. BUT uploading (using the delete band first option shown in the instructions) has resulted in...
  3. F

    AR8200 Mk III Battery Power Fix

    My AR8200 stopped working from the AA batteries and would only work with external power. It turns out to be a rather disappointing design issue for an $800 receiver but at least the fix is fairly easy. Carefully taking it apart requires removing several VERY tiny screws including the screw on...
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    optional boards for ar8200

    I'm looking for feedback on the optional boards for the ar8200 mk3. Specifically, Im cosidering purchasing the voice inverter, tone eliminator, and or the CTCSS chip. Id like to hear about experiences with these add-ons. Do they work well? If you use more than 1, which do you get the most use from?